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“Birthday Celebration is Meant to Hurt Us”


Awami League president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina said, “Khaleda Zia cuts the cake to celebrate her birthday to undermine Bangabandhu and thus hurt us.” Hasina further said, “She does it on the day we mourn our loss, the day we lost our father, mother and brothers.” The prime minister also added that since this is the month of August and Khaleda’s son, who has died, was born on August 12, she had no choice but to give up the plan to celebrate her birthday this month, and it was not because of her political goodwill. Hasina made her remarks on August 16 at the Krishibid Institution Auditorium.

Calling Zia the “First President”


Awami League lawmaker Shubid Ali Bhuiyan has denied that he called Ziaur Rahman the “first president” of the country. He said the media has purposely published this false and fabricated news. Bhuiyan wanted to make it clear that he never said anything like that, and that nowhere in any of his comments did he ever say anything like it. He also vowed to quit politics if anybody could prove that he had ever said anything like this. It can be mentioned here that Bhuiyan called Ziaur Rahman the “first president” during a meeting on August 17 and it was reported in the media quoting more than one witness present in that meeting.

Bangladesh Nasty Party


Shipping minister Shahjahan Khan does not believe that it will be a mistake to say that BNP stands for Bangladesh Nasty Party. He said in a discussion held on August 19 in the capital that this BNP has created many examples of burning people to death and torching buses, trucks and shops. Khan said no religion encourages burning people to death and it is not supported by any society or democracy either. He also added that BNP had done such lowly things and even carried out an attack on the Shaheed Minar, which is the symbol of Bangladesh’s existence.

Feels like Committing Suicide


While speaking about the road conditions in his constituency, Salim Osman, the Jatiya Party lawmaker from Narayanganj-5, resented that he feels like com - mitting suicide when he finds men lifting their lungis and women their sarees above knees while walking on dilapidated roads. He said he has been observing that the repair work for the roads only starts but never ends while foreign money comes and the work progress remains slow. Osman gave his remarks while speaking at a program marking Bangabandhu’s 41st death anniversary on August 15.

Exploiting Instead of Eliminating Militancy


BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has claimed that militancy is on the rise in the country because the government is exploiting militancy as a weapon against the political opponents instead of eliminating it. He said that there is no democracy in the country and the real culprits are still at large, thanks to the government’s intention to use militancy to hurt the opponents. And that is the reason why militancy is on the rise in the country, Alamgir told journalists at the mausoleum of late president Ziaur Rahman on August 19.

Neither Unity Nor Midterm Elections


While terming BNP a "patron" of IS and militants, com - merce minister Tofail Ahmed emphasized that there cannot be any unity with them. He said that many BNP leaders are asking for midterm elections but there will be no such elections before the scheduled time. Ahmed also compared the “conspiracy” of former president Ziaur Rahman to assassinate Bangabandhu in 1975 with the grenade attack on August 21 which he said was carried out by Hawa Bhaban to kill Sheikh Hasina, but that plan did not work. The minister said it while speaking at the Shilpakala Academy on August 19.

Could Not Save Bangabandhu Because Hands were Tied


Former army chief and chairman of the Sector Commanders Forum, KM Shafiullah, explained that the day of Bangabandhu’s assassination is a painful day for him and he cannot hold himself on this day. He further added that he could not come to Bangabandhu’s rescue on that day because his hands were tied from all sides. Shafiullah said it while speaking at the National Press Club on August 14.

Conspirators in Important Positions


BNP’s standing committee member ASM Hannan Shah commented that those who are conspiring to break BNP have been placed in important positions of the party. He said those who spoke ill of Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman in the past, conspired to break BNP and hung around Mannan Bhuiyan, have got important positions in the new committee while the dedicated and qualified people have not been duly evaluated. Shah said all these at a meeting held on August 13 at the Dhaka Reporters Unity.

Sector Commanders are Cowards


Former president of Chhatra League Nur-e-Alam Siddiqui said the government is now surrounded by the Gonobahini and leftist party members who killed Bangabandhu. He said these forces had taken the government into their grip. Siddiqui mentioned that Bangabandhu had called major general KM Shafiullah three times on the night of August 15 but he did not come to his rescue. He added that Bangabandhu had also called sector commanders and Rakkhi Bahini but nobody came to save him. While addressing a meeting organized by the Chhatra League Foundation on August 19 on the Press Club premises, he urged the prime minister to revoke the titles given to the sector commanders because they proved to be cowards.

A Cent Percent Dishonest Society


Former justice of Bangladesh Supreme Court, Syed Amirul Islam, said, “We are living in a cent percent dishonest society and we do not do what we say.” He said words must be matched with action when it comes to defeating militancy, and the country has to return to the four principles of the Liberation War. He said these at a discussion meeting at the BILIA Auditorium held on August 16.



lack money is defined as income illegally earned or not declared for tax purposes. The opportunity for generating black money in an economy comes from a number of dubious activities undertaken in the guise of legitimacy. Stock market, trade invoicing, bribery, smuggling, drugs deal and a host of other shady deals create large sums of questionable money, which cannot be kept in the country for safety reasons or declared for tax purposes. The finance minister of the country has repeatedly confirmed that black money accounts for 40-80 percent of the Bangladesh economy. ...

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Money on the Run

I s the Illicit financial flow (IFF) or outflow of black money from Bangladesh on the rise? A number of recent statistics seem to suggest so. Deposits by Bangladeshi citizens in various Swiss banks increased...

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Profanities and Public Figures

P resident Rodrigo Duterte is not the first politician in the world to be fond of using profanity in his opinion of others. But he is certainly the first to let people know he is not averse to taking recourse to expletives in public. In this past week, he has more than once spoken of ‘sons of whores’....

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Rio 2016 in Numbers

On August 5, Rio de Janeiro will become the first city in South America to stage the Olympic Games. These will also be the firstever Olympic Games staged in South America ...


Lauren van Risen of the Netherlands rides on the barrier wall above France’s Virginie Cueff after evading a crash in heat two of the first round of the women’s keirin at the Rio Olympics in Brazil


Republican candidate for the US presidential race, Donald Trump, appears to have no real ambitions beyond constant self-promotion and making people angry, and yet these characteristics are largely credited with his stunning, paradigm-shifting ascent to the top of the leader boards for the Republican nomination for president


The Digital Journey

Bangladesh has made a great deal of progress in its digitization journey, but the latest ranking shows it still has a long way to go before achieving the target ...

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Coming to Your Doorstep

New banks have piled up bad loans, some more than others, as irregularities and aggressive lending force them to compromise standards in an increasingly competitive market...

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Reinventing a King

The ethnic Tajik minority claims that king Habibullah Kalakani, also known as Bacha–i- Saqao, was a pious Muslim and social Robin Hood who deserves a reburial in the capital...

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“The phenomenon of Islamist terrorism, of Islamic State, is not a phenomenon that came to us with the refugees.” --German chancellor Angela Merkel said while insisting that Islam belonged in Germany as long as it was practised in a way that respected the constitution


“What kind of life is this, inspired by terrorism? What kind of government set-up is it that is inspired by terrorism?” --Indian prime minister Narendra Modi made an oblique reference to the human rights situation in Pakistan’s Balochistan province besides Gilgit and other areas of Pakistanoccupied Kashmir


“There is no reason why not in the United Nations.” --UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has said a woman should lead the United Nations for the first time since it was established more than 70 years ago


“Modi should first stand accountable to the international community for unending and perpetual atrocities against Kashmiris, Muslims and Dalits in Kashmir and in India.” --Pakistan’s main opposition leader Bilawal Bhutto said taking exception to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s statement about Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan


“Islam must be treated like a religion like any other.” --Benoît Hamon, the former Socialist minister who quit President François Hollande’s government in 2014, criticized politicians who want to make political capital on the question of Islam

Swapping Just One Sugary Drink with Water May Make You Slim

Replacing one little calorie-laden sugary soda with water may significantly help reduce body weight as well as improve overall health, says a study. The findings showed that consuming additional calories from sugary beverages like soda, energy drinks, and sweetened cof - fee can increase risk of weight gain ...

Android Bug Puts Millions of Phones at Risk

Checkpoint Software Technologies and its team of researchers have discovered a set of four vulnerabilities that could potentially give attacker access to a phone's data in tens of millions of Android devices. The vulnerabilities, known as QuadRooter, were discovered while looking at software which operates on chipsets made by US firm Qualcomm. Qualcomm is a US telecommunications equipment company and controls 65 percent of the LTE modem baseband market. The defect was........

The Black Drink

The cups excavated at the site of what was once Cahokia, and dating to around 1100 CE bear traces of the ritual “black drink.” Made from yaupon holly leaves which are blackened then boiled to make a soupy caffeine- rich drink, it was used for religious rituals. Similar cups found at Hopewell sites in the Midwest suggest the black drink was made there 1,000 years earlier. And the black drink lives on: multiple Native American groups make and drink it for their rituals today......

Shilpa Shetty is ‘Petrified’ of Her Old Films

Yesteryear Indian actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra, who has been part of the industry for more than two decades now, is not fond of watching her old films. In fact, the actor says that the way she looks in them scares her. Shilpa has been in films such as Baazigar, Pardesi Babu, Rishtey and Phir Milenge. The actor says that she would also perform differently if she got to .......


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