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America Runs on Our Tax Money

America Runs on Our Tax Money

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina said that Bangladesh has to pay around USD850 million in taxes for exporting its goods to the United States. She said that means the United States runs on the tax money paid to it by Bangladesh. She was speaking at the inauguration of Dhaka Apparel Summit-2017 organized by BGMEA on February 25, when she observed that in 1996 Bangladesh obtained the tariff- and quota-free privileges in the European Union, but the United States denied those privileges to Bangladesh. She also mentioned that Bangladesh was denied those facilities by the United States despite the fact that Bangladesh deserved them as a least developed country.

Revolution is Inevitable

Revolution is

BNP’s standing committee member Dr. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain has said to the government that it still has time to think, but a mass revolution is inevitable if it does not take precaution. He said that a political compromise is unavoidable to return the voting right to the people, which needs an election-time government. He cautioned that if that does not happen then people are not going to sit on their hands and the prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, will have to bear responsibility for the chaos and anarchy that might be created by this situation. Dr. Hossain made his remarks at the Dhaka Reporters Unity while addressing a meeting by Jatiya Gonotantrik Party on February 22.

Betrayal of Language Martyrs and Freedom Fighters

Betrayal of Language Martyrs
and Freedom Fighters

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has accused the government of betraying the blood of the language martyrs and the freedom fighters, because it has destroyed the spirits of the Language Movement and the Liberation War to establish the one-party rule. He was speaking on February 20 when he said that the rulers always fail to understand the language of the people and they eventually become detached from the people. He stated that in 1947 people had voted for Muslim League but that same party was made extinct in 1954. He said a government is bound to become extinct like that whenever it fails to understand the language of the people.

Search Committee to Blame If EC is Not Good

Search Committee to Blame If EC is
Not Good

Badiul Alam Mazumder, secretary of Citizens for Good Governance (Sujan), is of the view that if the right people have not been appointed in the Election Commission then the Election Commission is not to be blamed for it. He said the blame has to go to the search committee that found the commissioners. Mazumdar said it at the regional planning meeting of Sujan held in Barisal on February 18. He said the eminent citizens had suggested to the search committee to draw up a short list of likely candidates and make that list public for the sake of transparency. The citizens even asked it to hold a public hearing if needed. The Sujan secretary also said that the search committee should have exercised maximum honesty, caution and consideration, which they did not do.

Age Does Not Matter for Men

Age Does Not
Matter for Men

Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad believes that age does not matter for men and what matters instead is their mental strength. He said some people say that he has grown old, but they should know that age is not an issue for men and what is more important is their mental strength. Ershad was exchanging views with his party leaders in Rangpur on February 22 when he further said there are no bullock carts in the country now because people are reaping the benefits of the road development done by Jatiya Party. He expressed his gratitude to the people of Rangpur, because they elected his party candidates to 21 parliamentary seats in 1991 and Khaleda Zia would have hanged him if his party had not won those seats.

People are Captives of One-Party Rule

People are Captives of One-Party Rule

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia lamented that the dream of Ekush has been overcast with darkness. She said foreign aggression on our language is an outcome of the subservient mentality of certain quarters. Khaleda made her comments in a statement issued on February 20. She said the people of this country have been made captive to one-party rule so they will never be able to raise their heads. She added that the undiminished spirit of Ekush would inspire us to resist all conspiring hegemonic forces and the sacrifices of the martyrs would encourage us to regain our democratic rights.

Information Minister’s Sycophancy


BNP’s senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi Ahmed has called information minister Hasanul Haque Inu’s comment on the corruption case against Khaleda Zia as sycophancy. On February 20 he said in a meeting that the information minister took three leaps after the prime minister’s statement to emphasize that Khaleda Zia would be definitely punished. Rizvi Ahmed also said that there is hearsay that the information minister was involved in the killing of Kazi Aref Ahmed and people have not forgotten that. He asked the minister to keep that in mind before he says anything. He accused the minister of speaking a great deal of nonsense just to please the prime minister. He also said that those who are involved in such pleasing business do not last long in power.

Disciplining a Member of Parliament

Disciplining a Member of

Road transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader explained that he had merely disciplined parliament member Md. Sanwar Hossain and it is an internal matter of the Awami League family. He said he had the right to do so as the general secretary of the party. Quader said it on February 19 while responding to the news that he had slapped the lawmaker from Tangail-5 constituency during his visit to the district. The minister said the news was published in newspapers but the lawmaker has not complained to anyone about it. Meanwhile, parliament member Hossain has denied that the news of him being slapped by the minister is true.

Big Names are Involved in Pilkhana Tragedy

Big Names are Involved in
Pilkhana Tragedy

Former BNP minister and vice chairman Hafizuddin Ahmed has insisted that many big names as well as a neighboring country are involved in the Pilkhana tragedy. He said that every mutiny was crushed in the past but the Pilkhana mutiny has been an exception because its planners had already met with the Awami League leaders in their homes. Ahmed said that the state should have observed national mourning over the Pilkhana tragedy that took place on February 25. He was speaking at a meeting organized by National Awami Party on the 8th anniversary of the Pilkhana tragedy when he quipped that the ruling Awami League was not interested in mourning for anyone but their own blood relatives.

Politics is Now a Part of Business

Politics is
Now a Part of

Economist Rehman Sobhan has claimed that current politics of Bangladesh is a part of business. He was speaking at a conference for South Asian economists on February 18 held in Dhaka when he said that although politics was once concentrated in the hands of the lower middle class, it is now a part of business. He added that people having money have become associated with politics, who are investing to have a role in the government and they expect return on that investment. He also said this has created many irregularities in the society. He further said that commercialization of politics has now spread all over the country, even in the United States.



cid throwing as a menace for young girls and women saw a spike in the 1980s before reaching an alarming level in the 1990s. But the occurrence of this devious practice has significantly gone down over the years, with only 59 incidents recorded in 2015 compared to 494 in 2002. While the social scientists might be able to explain how it has happened in an increasingly violent society, it brings a respite for everyone to carefully rethink what should be the best way to control this heinous crime. The tragedy of acid throwing is tha ...

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A Serious Menace


ousewife Monowara Begum (not her real name) had a regular life with her husband and children. Then one day, her life changed in an instant. As a consequence of a longstanding property dispute, she was doused with acid. Today, Monowara ...

When Friends are a Beautiful Story

R unning into old friends is always a happy affair. Last week, it was sheer pleasure coming across Shamim Azad just outside the venue of the Ekushey Book Fair. She had come out of it and I was about to go in. Shamim Azad, whom I have known for a long time, especially since I was introduced to ...

Photo of the Week

A woman prays while touching the fingers of a statue of Buddha during the annual Makha Bucha day in Ang Thon, Thailand. The day is to honor the Buddha and his teachings, which he delivered on the full moon day of the third lunar month

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Dhaka Ranked 2nd as City with Most Polluted Air

Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka ranks second in terms of air pollution, says a latest report by Bostonbased Health Effects Institute. The government, however, refuses to accept that Dhaka’s air qual ...

Dhaka Ranked 2nd as City with Most Polluted Air

Exploring the Waters

With the landmark verdict on the delimitation of maritime boundary with India and Myanmar, Bangladesh has been endowed with sovereign rights over 200 nautical miles of economic zone and continent ...

Exploring the Waters

Growth in 2017

BMI Research, an associate organization of the UKbased Fitch group, projected 7.7 percent GDP growth for Bangladesh in the ongoing fiscal year (FY) 2016-17. In its recently published “Country ...

Growth in 2017

‘Nexit’ to Follow Brexit After Dutch Elections!

For a small nation that has grown hugely wealthy thanks to centuries of doing business far and wide, the political mood in the Netherlands has turned surprisingly inward. As a March 15 parliamentary ...

‘Nexit’ to Follow Brexit After Dutch Elections!
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"You look at what is happening last night in Sweden…They took in large numbers. They are having problems like they never thought possible." --US president Donald Trump said in a rally in Florida that prompted a baffled response from Sweden as its diplomats asked for an explanation and citizens responded with amusement


"Killing and brutalizing children is negating civilization." --French president Francois Hollande pleaded as he opened a conference in Paris, decrying "the nightmare that killed these children's innocence"


"The economy of our country is in a bad way." --Ghanain president Nana Akufo-Addo said, while commenting on the West African nation's economy during his first state of the nation address


"After such a positive declaration, both the Europeans and the Americans must simply practice what they preach." --European Council president Donald Tusk said after US Vice President Mike Pence agreed with him on the need to preserve close cooperation between the United States and Europe


“If God decides to take him, then we would rather field him as a corpse.” --Grace Mugabe, wife of Zimbabwe’s 92-year-old president, Robert Mugabe, told supporters that the supporters should put her husband’s name on the ballot to show their love for him

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Exceeding 90

Scientists have predicted for the first time that life expectancy will soon exceed 90 years, overturning all the assumptions about human longevity that prevailed at the beginning of the 20th cen ...


In a Mexican cave system so beautiful and hot that it is called both Fairyland and hell, scientists have discovered life trapped in crystals that could be 50,000 years old. The bizarre and ancient microbes were found dormant in caves in Naica, Mexico, and were able to exist by living on minerals such as iron and manganese, said Penelope Boston, head of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute. The life forms, 40 different strains of microbes and even some viruses, are so weird that their nearest relatives are still 10 percent different genetically. That makes their closest relati ...


Hadrian, who was Roman emperor from 117 to 138, is known for building Hadrian's Wall, which marked the northern limit of Britannia. He also rebuilt the Pantheon and constructed the Temple of Venus and Roma. Philhellene in most of his tastes, he is considered by some to have been a humanist, and he is regarded as the third of the Five Good Emperors. Hadrian was the first emperor to wear a full beard. He based his look on the ancient Greeks, and later emperors – and European monarchs – based their looks on H ...

Pedophilia Allegations Against Former UK Premier Edward Heath
Pedophilia Allegations Against Former UK Premier Edward Heath

Wiltshire chief constable Mike Veale believes the allegations as “totally convincing”, and he plans to publish a report in June. The Wiltshire police has been carrying out a largescale probe into allegations made against Sir Edward and has identified more than 30 alleged victims, the report said. However, the allegations that Sir Edward was involved in satanic orgies have been dismissed as fantasy by an expert asked to review the ...


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