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Awami League Has Got Bad Intentions

Awami League Has Got Bad Intentions

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia complained that Awami League does not have good intentions at all. She said Awami League wants to win elections by force and they have already chalked out the plans. Khaleda said that they already appointed a subservient chief election commissioner as part of that plan. The BNP leader made her comments during a meeting with the newly-appointed office bearers of the Dhaka Bar Association on February 26 at her Gulshan office. She added that the DBA election proved that people would vote BNP to power if there is a free and fair election.

Bangladesh is Walking Backwards

is Walking

According to noted educationist Ajoy Roy, Bangladesh was on a progressive track when it achieved independence after the Liberation war driven by the non-communal spirit. Every one coexisted in that progress irrespective of one’s caste or creed. Roy claimed that the face of that Bangladesh has been much disfigured by the rise of extremism, fundamentalism and militancy. He told a television channel on February 25 that the progress has been disrupted by religionization of every institution in the country and Bangladesh is now walking backwards.

It Does Not Seem Like There is a Government

It Does Not Seem Like There
is a Government

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that it does not seem to him that there is a government in the country. What is there, he added, is something like an invading force, which does not represent the people. He was addressing a party meeting at the National Press Club on March 1, when he further said that two ministers were behind the recent transport strike. According to him, an influential minister of the government supported the strike and a state minister of the government also was involved in it.

Great Intellectual Fraud

Great Intellectual Fraud

Former chairman of National Human Rights Commission, Dr. Mizanur Rahman, saw the transfer of Gaibandha police super to Khagrachhari as a great intellectual fraud. On February 26, he told the victims of human rights violations from the plains and hill tracts that the state thinks people are dumb and stupid and they do not understand anything. He said that a police official, who had ordered arson attack on the Santal houses in Gobindaganj, has been transferred as punishment for his offense. He asked how transfer of an individual could mean that he has been punished. On November 6, three Santal men were killed during an eviction drive and a video clip uploaded to a social media site showed that members of the police force were setting fire on the Santal homes.

The Epithet of an Autocratic Leader

The Epithet of
an Autocratic

Taking a dig at the prime minister, Krishak Sramik Janata League president Kader Siddique said that if she came to power again without being voted, she would earn the epithet of being an autocratic leader. He said it at a rally held on February 25 in a school field at Hatubhanga in Tangail. Siddique mentioned that a lawmaker in Tangail named Sanwar Hossain was elected in a voteless election which is why he had to suffer the indignity of being slapped by road transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader.

“I Am Not a Military Ruler”

“I Am Not a Military Ruler”

Jatiya Party chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad insisted that he was not a military ruler and he did not promulgate martial law. He said it was president Abdus Sattar who had promulgated martial law. Ershad also said that he wanted to return to the barracks and held election in 1984 to facilitate transfer of power, but nobody wanted to participate in that election. Ershad explained that this is why he was compelled to form Jatiya Party in 1986. Ershad made his remarks on February 26 while addressing a party meeting at the Emmanuelle's Convention Center in Gulshan.

The Fundamental Precept of Democracy

Precept of

Chief election commissioner Khan Muhammad Nurul Huda is of the view that the fundamental precept of democracy is to respect criticism. He said he would not feel vengeful if he is criticized by any political party and his challenge instead would be to respect its criticism and regain its confidence through his work. Huda further said that he has been working with that challenge in mind. The CEC said it while talking to journalists at his residence in Baufal, Patuakhali on March 1.

The Honesty Deficit in Politics

The Honesty Deficit in Politics

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader resented that there is honesty deficit in the country’s politics. He said the only way to solve this problem is to bring honest people to politics. He was speaking at the 29th founding anniversary of Sheikh Russel Jatiyo Shishu o Kishore Parishad on February 27 held at the Engineering Institute. Quader said politics will become clean again only if good people choose to enter it. He argued that when bad people seize the political stage then they become lawmakers and ministers, which is not good for the country.

BNP’s Participation in Election

BNP’s Participation in Election

Awami League leader Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim believes it is necessary to create an environment so that BNP, which boycotted the tenth parliamentary election, feels encouraged to participate in the next election. He, however, added that the government should not be too hyped up about BNP’s participation. He said it does not matter if BNP participates or not and he is convinced that BNP would have to participate in the election if it has to save its registration as a political party. On February 26, Selim responded to BNP’s warning that it would not portend a good outcome if the government thought of holding polls without its participation. He asked how it mattered if somebody came to the polls or not and cautioned the BNP leaders that if they resort to terror and destroy public property, then they must be prepared for mob beating.

“Yunus Is a Respectable Person”

“Yunus Is a

Finance minister AMA Muhith claimed that Grameen Bank took the first initiative to alleviate poverty in the country by giving small loans to the extremely poor people. The minister admitted that poverty has been significantly reduced by dint of microcredit. He said that the Grameen Bank founder Dr. Muhammad Yunus is a respectable person and should be given the honor he deserves. Muhith was speaking at the inauguration of the Loan Management System of Social Development Foundation on March 2 when he also praised Brac founder Sir Fazle Hasan Abed for his microlending activities.



n Plato’s Cratylus, the character Socrates makes the following comment about Heraclitus. He says that Heraclitus is supposed to say that all things are in motion and nothing at rest and compare them to the stream of a river, and says that you cannot go into the same river twice. It means everything is always changing in every respect, so much so that a river is not even a river from one moment to the next. This world has undergone many transformations and the lives of people inside it have transformed many times. From the Dark ...

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Vanishing Vocations


efore the rise of globalization, profession was not necessarily a choice. It used to be a practice passed from one generation to the other. In many cases, caste, religion and geographical location were deciding factors behind selectin ...

A Transport Strike, Ministers and ‘Assurances’

N ow that the transport strike is over, thanks to the intervention, of all persons, of shipping minister Shahjahan Khan and state minister for Rural Development and Cooperatives Moshiur Rahman Ranga, one wonders what happens to the judicial verdicts, which prompted the strike in the first plac ...

Photo of the Week

The arm of a dead migrant on the beach near Zawiyah in Libya. The bodies of at least 74 people, believed to be migrants, washed ashore on the Libyan coast in the latest tragedy at sea for people fleeing to Europe to escape war and poverty

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Smartphone Sale Soars

B angladesh imported BDT80 billion worth of mobile handsets in 2016, and smartphones made up about BDT60 billion of that amount. Local brand Symphony, which happens to be the market leader in both t ...

Smartphone Sale Soars

Twenty-one Assassination Attempts

“A bullet is haunting our leader Sheikh Hasina. Imagine what will happen if she dies.” This is how Awami League (AL) general secretary Obaidul Quader has warned party leaders and activists on ...

Twenty-one Assassination Attempts

The Economy of Aging

The aging phenomenon has been a dominant feature of Western economies over the past few decades, but Asian economies will age the most rapidly in the next phase, with China, Thailand, Korea, Sin ...

The Economy of Aging

Lawmaker Wants Paid Sex Breaks for Workers

One Swedish official has big dreams for workers in his small town: a paid, hour-long break for leaving work to have sex. Per-Erik Muskos, a council member for Övertorneå, proposed the motion for h ...

Lawmaker Wants Paid Sex Breaks for Workers
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“I think we all need answers ... I am not sure the right avenue to take. I am sure, though, that that question needs to be answered.” --Former US president George W Bush told NBC’s Today show while commenting on the extent of contact between Donald Trump’s team and the Russian government


“We see poor leadership leading with poor governance exacerbated by corruption and nepotism.” --Former Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf emphasized in his address at the “South Asia Rising” conference hosted by Eisenhower Fellows from South Asia


“As the president of France said, this is not something big countries say to each other.” --Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo slammed disparaging comments by Donald Trump about the French capital and immigration policies in Europe


“I was more than happy to risk my life to save the lives of others.” --Said Ian Grillot, who took bullet wounds while intervening in a Kansas bar room shooting that killed an Indian engineerwhen the gunmen opened fire shouting “get out of my country”


"Plants live off soil while humans and animals live off plants. If the plants and trees are eradicated, life itself would be put in peril, Allah Almighty says.” --Taliban leader Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada in a public letter issued in four languages, including English, urged the Afghans to plant trees

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Watching Birds Near Home Eases Sadness and Worries

Watching birds around your home may help overcome sadness and worry, a new study in UK has found. Researchers from the University of Exeter in UK, t ...


In India, 38 million people suffered from anxiety disorders in 2015 with a prevalence rate of 3 percent. Depression cases are fast increasing in India with over 50 million people suffering from the disorder, the highest in WHO's South East Asia and Western Pacific region, which includes China. The latest assessment by the UN agency shows that China and India are by far the worst affected countries accounting for nearly 50 percent of the total 322 million people living with depression across the world, data shows. Data shows the total estimated number of people living with depression globally increased by 18.4 percent ...


Wheelbarrows were invented around 200 CE. The Chinese before that used two-wheeled carts to get items around their rice paddies. But the twowheeled carts tended to slip off the narrow pounded- earth walls, which separated flooded rice fields. Someone, somewhere, had the idea of putting just one big wheel under the cart. Suddenly rice paddy embankments were easier to get around. The wheelbarrow was a hit! Besides being used by farmers, the Chinese military soon ...


Apple has announced that its new headquarters will open for employees in the spring and will include a theatre named for its late co-founder, Steve Jobs. Apple says in a news release on its website that the process of moving its 12,000 employees from its old digs in Cupertino, California, to the new Apple Park nearby will begin in April and will take more than six months to complete. Apple's sprawling new headquarters in California, popularly called the 'spacesh ...


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