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So Much Division When So Much is Common

So Much Division When So Much is Common

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina expressed her expectations about taking the relationship between Bangladesh and India to a new height. She said it needs a resolution of disputes over sharing the waters of common rivers. In an article published in the daily Anandabazar in West Bengal, Hasina wrote that if the goals are noble then their outcomes can be beneficial. The article was published on the day she arrived in India on a four-day visit. It also appeared in the English daily, The Hindu. The prime minister further wrote in her essay that Lalon, Rabindranath, Kazi Nazrul and Jibonando Das are common to both sides. Both sides speak the same language, Bangla. Both countries get the waters of the same Padma, Brahmaputra, and Teesta. She added that both countries are proud of the Sundarbans, and there is no dispute over it. Hasina then asked why the two countries could not agree to share the water of a single river.

People See Twists Even in the Good Deeds of the Government

People See Twists
Even in the Good
Deeds of the

BNP standing committee member Goyeshwar Chandra Roy claimed the people have completely lost their faith in the deeds and words of the government. He said people are so suspicious they look for twists even when the government does something good. Roy was speaking at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity on April 1 when he added that he could not think of a country that wanted to attack Bangladesh and neither did he see any possibility of a war with India. He then asked why it was necessary to sign a defense treaty with India.

BNP Leaders Suffer from Depression

BNP Leaders Suffer from

Health minister Mohammad Nasim argued that BNP leaders have been critical of the prime minister’s India visit because they suffer from depression. He was speaking at a function on World Health Day on April 7 at Osmani Auditorium, when he accused BNP leaders of conspiring to prevent development activities in the country. He suggested that BNP leaders should undergo treatment for depression and frustration. The spokesperson for the 14-party alliance further said that these opposition leaders always suffer from depression.

The Government Has Betrayed the People and the Country

The Government Has Betrayed the
People and the Country

BNP’s senior joint secretary general Rizvi Ahmed complained the government has betrayed the people and the country by signing two defense MoUs with India. The BNP leader said he saw it as part of a sinister plan. He called for an urgent press briefing on April 8 and told journalists that 22 agreements and 4 MoUs were signed with India, which included 2 defense MoUs. Ahmed also said the prime minister has proven the concerns BNP has expressed all along. But it was his party’s optimistic hope that the prime minister would not do it at the last moment considering the sentiments of the people. But she dashed the hopes of the people by signing those agreements, ignoring the sobbing hearts of her people.

Why a Defense Pact if The Relationship is So Good!

Why a Defense
Pact if The
Relationship is
So Good!

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir questioned that if Bangladesh-India relations have indeed reached greater heights as the government claims, then why is there this need for signing a defense pact between the two countries. He said neither the defense pact nor the defense MoU will be accepted by the people. He said this while responding to questions from journalists after laying wreaths at the mausoleum of Ziaur Rahman on April 7. He asserted that the people of Bangladesh will never accept a treaty or understanding with India that will undermine the sovereignty of their country.

Hasina Selling Out the Country to Fulfill Her Dream for Power

Hasina Selling Out the Country to Fulfill
Her Dream for Power

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has said that prime minister Sheikh Hasina is selling out the country so that she can cling to power for life. She was speaking at a function held at her Gulshan office on April 8 when she accused Hasina of saving nothing but selling everything in the country. Khaleda also added that the prime minister will sell whatever is left during her recent visit to India. She warned the prime minister that nobody is known to have escaped the wrath of history after disposing of one's own country. She further said that Hasina does not know that when the people rise, those to whom she is selling the country will not come to her rescue. It is only a matter of time, she said.

Right to Know About Agreements or MoUs

Right to
Know About
Agreements or

BNP leader Moudud Ahmed has demanded that the agreements and MoUs signed with India must be made public for the information of the people. He said the people have the right to know if these documents include anything that hurts the interests of their country. Ahmed was speaking at a meeting at the National Press Club while prime minister Sheikh Hasina was holding a meeting with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House on April 8. He emphasized that it would not be appropriate to keep the contents of these agreements secret from the 160 million people of this country.

“Delhi Will Not Put Us in Power”

“Delhi Will Not Put Us in

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader gave his reaction to BNP’s concern over the probable signing of the “defense pact” with India during the prime minister’s visit to that country. He said that his government will not sign any “slavery” pact with India. Quader was speaking at an event on April 5 when he asked BNP not to worry because neither Delhi nor Washington is going to put Awami League in power.

Who Runs the Government If the Prime Minister Does Not Know

Who Runs the Government If the
Prime Minister Does Not Know

Veteran BNP leader Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain criticized the explanation given by Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader that the prime minister was not aware of sacking the mayors of Rajshahi and Sylhet city corporations for a second time. He was addressing a meeting of Jatiya Mohila Dal at the National Press Club on April 5, when he also added that if Obaidul Quader is right and the prime minister did not know, then the question is: who is running the gove rnment? Hossain insisted that such a big decision could not have been taken without the prime minister’s consent.

Awami League and Jatiya Party to Run the Country Together

Awami League
and Jatiya
Party to Run
the Country

Jaitya Party chairman and special emissary of the prime minister, Hussain Muhammad Ershad, has said he is forming an alliance to strengthen his party in preparation for the upcoming elections. He made his remarks after laying the foundation stone of a hospital in Madaripur on April 3. He further said his party has been out of power for 26 years and it may have lost much but it has not lost love. He said his party does not want to get involved with any other party, but wants to run the country along with Awami League when there will be no communalism but love, and the country will be able to make progress.



ack in 2008, it bothered many sensitive minds in this country when a foreign diplomat was going door to door peddling wisdom to our political leaders. If you check the television footage of their meetings with her back then, you will be reminded of kindergarten students sitting in their classroom. The fawning politicians gathered around the “honorable” guest, their faces dripping with humility and smiles. You do not have to be a wizard to guess whose wish was whose command. What happened in Bangladesh that year also happened ...

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The Foreign Hands


oreign interference is a troublesome part of Bangladesh’s history. The country’s top political parties are known for their selective foreign affiliations. While the Awami League has a well-documented history of leaning towards Ind ...

The Media, Gossip, and Salacious Stories

I t has never happened in Bangladesh before. Suddenly, everyone seems to be ready to give his or her opinion on the revelations relating to the marriage of the actors Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas. It all began with the lady spilling the beans on her secret marriage to Khan nearly nine years ago ...

Photo of the Week

Cristiano Ronaldo looks at a bust of himself at Madeira international airport in Portugal. The Real Madrid striker was joined by dozens of guests and hundreds of fans in his native Madeira Islands for an official ceremony renaming the local airport as Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo

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Flower Farmers Still Hope to Catch Wave of Modernization

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Flower Farmers Still Hope to Catch Wave of Modernization

Raw Deals on Wheels

The public transportation system in Dhaka is falling apart. Not a shred of order can be seen at any level of the transportation system. The discrepancy in bus fares, deception in the name of sitt ...

Raw Deals on Wheels

Slowing the Flow

The declining trend in the inward flow of remittances continues causing concern among relevant sections of the government as to where the receipt figure might reach by the end of the current fisc ...

Slowing the Flow

The Wealthiest White House in History

While it is no secret that Donald Trump is the richest president in American history, and possibly its first billionaire president, the new ten-weekold administration on March 31 released financial ...

The Wealthiest White House in History
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"What can I add to this? We already miss you. Thank you and goodbye," --EU president Donald Tusk said in Brussels after receiving a letter from British prime minister Theresa May requesting the EU divorce


“Mr Tusk, who has been given to using analogies of the divorce and divorce petitions, is behaving like a cuckolded husband who is taking it out on the children.” --Gibraltar’s chief minister, Fabian Picardo, criticized the EU boss Donald Tusk for explicitly proposing that Spain be given a veto over the ties between the British enclave and the European Union after Brexit


"I think ethnic cleansing is too strong an expression to use for what is happening." --Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi denied in an interview with BBC that security forces have carried out ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims


"If someone had ever told me that I had the slightest chance of winning the Nobel Prize, I would have to think that I would have about the same odds as standing on the moon." --Bob Dylan, who finally accepted the Nobel Prize in Literature, said while expressing his surprise over being chosen for the honor


“My family and I have taken a pledge on this day that we will never have beef for the rest of our lives.” --Zainul Abedin Ali Khan, the diwan of the Ajmeer Sharif dargah called upon Muslims to give up beef eating and said triple talaq is against Sharia

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Why Catnaps Make Us Happier

Scientists have discovered a link between taking short naps and happiness. While sleep in general boasts a wide range of health benefits from increasing productivity to protection against heart disease, it now turns o ...


The G7 group of rich nations committed on March 31 to pursuing the creation of a U.N. peacekeeping force to protect world heritage sites from destruction in conflict, and combating the trafficking of plundered treasures. Destroying antiquities at heritage sites like the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra and the shrines of Timbuktu in Mali has increasingly become a tactic of war for groups like Islamic State, both to feed propaganda and profit from smuggling, the United Nations said. The G7 nations -- Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Britain, the United States and Italy -- signed an accord in the Italian city of Florence, ...


Researchers have identified enzymes in humans, which break down potentially harmful polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which we breathe in with smoke from campfires or absorb when eating burned or charred meat. Our ancient hominin cousins, the Neanderthals, may have been wiped out by smoke. So while Neanderthals, like Homo Sapiens, could light and control fires, only the latter developed ways to deal with the resulting toxins and pre ...

World’s Best Place to Eat
World’s Best Place to Eat

Contemporary New York eatery, Eleven Madison Park, was crowned the world’s best restaurant of 2017 at a glitzy ceremony in Melbourne on April 5, edging out last year’s winner,Italy’s Osteria Francescana. Run by Swiss-born chef Daniel Humm, the Manhattan institution came out on top at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards, widely seen as the Oscars of the food world. Spain’s El Celler De Can Roca was third. ...


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