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Guardians More Competitive Than Children

Guardians More Competitive Than

President Md. Abdul Hamid believes that the natural growth of children is being impeded by competition amongst their guardians, which affects the capacity of those young minds. He said this while speaking at the prize distribution ceremony of the National Children's Award Competition 2017 on May 18. He said the competition amongst guardians keeps them busy with how many tutors their children have and what scores they get in exams, without paying any attention to the capacities of those young minds. He urged guardians to allow children to grow naturally just as the fragrance of flowers spreads in all directions.

Not Even a Semblance of Democracy in Bangladesh

Not Even a
Semblance of
Democracy in

While bitterly condemning the search of BNP chairperson’s Gulshan office by the police, party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said the government, by carrying out this search in the political office of a three-time prime minister, has proven that not even a semblance of democracy exists in Bangladesh. He also said that Bangladesh has turned into a state that is completely devoid of democracy and the government is running the country with the support of law-enforcement forces. Mirza Fakhrul said this while addressing a press conference at his residence in Thakurgaon on May 20.

BDT60 Out of Every BDT100 Gets Stolen

BDT60 Out of Every BDT100
Gets Stolen

Chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has said if BDT 100 is allocated for any development purpose in the country, BDT40 is actually spent and BDT60 gets stolen. “This is the real picture. As chief justice, I do not want to say more,” Sinha told the audience at a judicial conference held at Tangail Circuit House on May18. The chief justice added that martial law was promulgated at different times since the Pakistani regime, but it only expanded corruption every time. The chief justice lamented that the judiciary may be independent in Bangladesh, but the judges are controlled.

Murders and Rapes Backed by Influentials in the Government

Murders and Rapes Backed by
Influentials in the Government

BNP leader Moudud Ahmed complained that murders and rapes in the country are being committed with the backing of influential people in the government. He was speaking at a discussion on May 19, when he asked who was the owner of Raintree Hotel where two university students were allegedly raped recently. He said the answer to his question has been carried by newspaper reports. Moudud also said he would like to loudly say that all crimes committed in the country have got the backing of someone in the government. He then quipped that what was meant by influentials are people in the government, and since his party (BNP) was not in power it was impossible for its leaders and workers to get involved in crimes.

Intimate Relationship Between Democracy and the Media

and the Media

Speaker of the national assembly and chairperson of the CPA executive committee, Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, said that an intimate relationship exists between democracy and the media. She further claimed that country’s newspapers, electronic media and online media are currently enjoying the full scope of freedom, which is why the media presence is growing in the private sector. The speaker was addressing the inauguration of Bangla TV on May 19 when she also added that a powerful media consolidates democracy. She asked the journalist community to rise above all challenges and courageously serve news.

The Party People were Also Involved in the Conspiracy

The Party People were Also Involved
in the Conspiracy

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has blamed her party people for the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman four years into the country’s independence. Mentioning that the then minister, Khandaker Mostaq Ahmed, had a hand in the killing of the architect of national independence, Hasina, also Bangabandhu’s daughter, further said that many more were involved in the conspiracy. She added that external enemies could not get the chance to act if internal enemies were not there. Sheikh Hasina made her remarks while talking to party leaders and workers on the occasion of her homecoming anniversary on May 17.

“No Parking” Signs on Public Roads

“No Parking”
Signs on Public

Mayor Annisul Huq of Dhaka North City Corporation has warned he would not like to see any “No Parking” signs on public roads. He was addressing a meeting at BUET auditorium on May 19 when he said he saw the other day that a security organization named G-4 had posted a “No Parking” sign on the corporation’s road. Huq asked if the road was their paternal property. He further said that while visiting the Saudi Embassy in Dhaka he also found “No Parking” signs on the road there. The mayor wanted to know if they would have allowed others to do the same thing in their country also. He then emphasized that this practice would no longer be allowed and roads belonging to the common people will be reclaimed by all means.

This Government has to Stay in Power for Four Consecutive Terms

This Government has to Stay in
Power for Four Consecutive Terms

Ruling Bangladesh Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader wants this government to come to power for four consecutive terms to keep the ongoing trend of development unhindered. He said the government needs continuity for the sake of the development of the country. That this government has stayed in power for two consecutive terms already is why so much development has been achieved in the country, said Quader on May 16, while speaking at the homecoming anniversary of prime minister Sheikh Hasina. He also observed that Bangladesh would have turned into a middle-income country a long time ago had Awami League stayed in power uninterrupted since 1996.

“Why are Those Conspirators With You?”

“Why are Those Conspirators With

BNP’s senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi has asked prime minister Sheikh Hasina why she was keeping the same people with her whom she has accused of being involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. One day after the prime minister made a comment to this effect, Rizvi at a press conference on May 18, mentioned the names of Awami League leaders HT Imam, KM Shafiullah, Abdul Malek Ukil, then NAP leader Matiya Chowdhury and Jasod leader, Hasanul Haque Inu. He asked the prime minister how she could even tolerate HT Imam and make him an adviser with the rank and status of a minister. He also posed the same question about Shafiullah who had advised the prime minister’s father to escape by scaling the wall.

Coming to Power is Nothing Impossible

Coming to
Power is

Jatiya Party chairman Hussain Muhammad Ershad claimed that if it is tried his own party could also become as powerful as the ruling Bangladesh Awami League. He was speaking at the introduction ceremony of the newly-formed city committee of his party on May 16, when he said, “One cannot deny that the Awami League is a strong party and it has scores of workers, but we could come close to them if we tried.” He further added, “It is true that our party is organizationally weak and our party workers are weak, but if we can build up those workers in the future, then coming to power in the next election is not impossible.”



he national parliament of a country is meant to be the powerhouse of national hopes and aspirations, where elected representatives sit together to debate and discuss plans and policies in the best interests of their country and people. In our case, the national parliament has been virtually nonfunctional for many years. The ruling parties have strongly dominated parliament, while the opposition parties avoided attending its sessions. Right now, the national parliament of Bangladesh exists in an absurd condition when it is hard ...

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Profanity in Parliament


parliament is the epicenter of people's power in a country. It is the House of People where the representatives they elect are supposed to formulate national plans and policies through constructive debates and discussions. Unfortuna ...

As the Tears Flow in Manchester

T he forces of evil have struck again. They have killed the very young and the very happy in Manchester. They have, in their demonstration of macabre villainy, taken the lives of twenty-two individuals and have left fifty-nine others badly wounded. And they did it at the end of a beautiful conc ...

Photo of the Week

Li Suet-wen and her two children sit in their 120 square foot room and this family is among an estimated 200,000 people in the former British colony living in ‘subdivided units’ - an 18% increase from four years ago and which includes 35,500 children age 15 and under

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Bangladesh's Per Capita Income Rises to USD1,602

Breaking all the previous records, Bangladesh’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate has reached 7.24 percent this fiscal year buoyed by the robust growth in the industrial sector. “The GDP ...

Bangladesh's Per Capita Income Rises to USD1,602

Water Stands Still

Chittagong City Corporation has spent an amount of BDT3.04 billion in the last 14 years to end waterlogging in the city. Even then the whole city goes under water during every rainy season. A pro ...

Water Stands Still

Nil Observer Effect

Severe political pressure and owner interference are crippling the country’s public and private banks. Even after providing guidelines and directives, and appointing observers, Bangladesh Bank ...

Nil Observer Effect

The Tensions of Change

A bid to shake-up the Saudi cultural scene has exposed strains in the ruling family's alliance with conservative clerics as a reformist and powerful prince works to diversify the economy away fro ...

The Tensions of Change
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“Swan geese are able to fly far and safely through winds and storms because they move in flocks and help each other as a team.” --Chinese president Xi Jinping urged world leaders to reject protectionism, embrace globalization and pull together like an airborne skein of long-necked geese


“We need to return to dialogue with North Korea and stop scaring it and find ways to resolve these problems peacefully.” --Speaking in Beijing, Russian president Vladimir Putin said that the world should talk to North Korea rather than threaten it


"We should be friends with our neighboring countries... Nawaz has the same thought process as the Americans when it comes to waging wars." --Former Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari criticized the Nawaz Sharif-led government for creating discord


"The president is the CEO of the country. He can hire and fire anyone he wants." --US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley while defending him for firing former FBI director James Comey


"Triple talaq is there since 637. Who are we to say that this is un-Islamic. Muslims are practicing it for last 1,400 years. It is a matter of faith.” -- Former Indian union law minister and senior advocate Kapil Sibal told the Supreme Court, appearing for All India Muslim Personal Law Board

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Why You Should Not Drink Bottled Water

Bottled water is our go-to choice whenever we step out. Even doctors and experts recommend drinking only bottled water when one is outside. And unde ...


Fewer countries ban same-sex relations than a decade ago and more lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people have legal protection from discrimination, but homophobic violence and abuse is rife, The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) said on May 15. Same-sex sexual activity was a crime in 72 countries, a drop from 92 in 2006, when the global rights group began documenting laws regarding LGBT people. Gay marriage is now legal in 23 countries, and 43 states have banned hate crimes, including on the basis of race and sexual orientation, according to the ILGA rep ...


Bianco Capello was an Italian noblewoman who was the mistress, and afterward the second wife, of Francesco I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany 1541-1587). She was promised by the duke that he would marry her—but only if she bore him a son. That was a problem because Bianca was barren. So the clever mistress found a way, though. Bianca simply pretended to be pregnant for nine months! She then adopted the newborn son of an unmarried girl, sm ...

The Spy Who Has Left Us
The Spy Who Has Left Us

British-born actor Sir Roger Moore succumbed to death on May 23. Best known for playing James Bond, Moore was 89 when he died. According to family sources, the actor died following "a short but brave battle with cancer." The statement from his children read: "Thank you Pops for being you, and being so very special to so many people." "With the heaviest of hearts, we must share the awful news that our father, Sir Roger Moore, passed away today. We are all devastated," they said in a ...


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