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The Country Has Been Turned Into a Graveyard

The Country Has Been Turned Into a

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia has resented that indiscriminate killing of BNP leaders and workers has turned the country into a graveyard. She said this in a protest message sent to the media on May 26 after the assassination of Sarder Alauddin Mithu, BNP’s organizing secretary in Khulna. Khaleda complained that there is no respite in the killing spree taking place in the cities and the villages and the air of this country is getting heavier everyday with the heavy sighs of parents, widows, and children who are losing their loved ones. The BNP chairperson further said that the sole purpose of murdering BNP activists is to create panic in the country so that nobody dares to speak out against the government.

Who Controls the Judiciary?

Who Controls
the Judiciary?

Barrister Rokanuddin Mahmud, who has been appointed an amicus curiae in the hearing proceeding on the proposed annulment of the 16th amendment of the Constitution, told the Appellate Division that it would not be right to leave the Judiciary in the hands of those who ask in parliament, “Who has made you a judge?” Mahmud told the Appellate Division led by chief justice S.K. Sinha on May 25 that he read in the newspapers that such comments were made by the lawmakers. He then asked how the power to remove the judges could be reposed in the hands of those people. The barrister also wanted to know where the independence of judiciary would be if that should happen

Prime Minister in Trump’s Company

Prime Minister in Trump’s

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has called it unfortunate for Bangladesh that prime minister Sheikh Hasina attended the confer - ence in Saudi Arabia along with US president Donald Trump. Mirza Alamgir pointed out the various anti-Muslim comments made by Trump during his election campaign and said that it is sad that the prime minister of this country went to participate in the same conference which was basically chaired by Trump. The BNP leader referred to the Arab-Islamic- America conference held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on May 22.

What Happened to So Much Electricity?

What Happened to So Much

BNP leader Nazrul Islam Khan wanted to know why there was so much power cuts after the production capacity for electricity was multiplied spending billions of taka. The BNP standing committee member said on May 24 that the numbers do not add up when huge amounts have been spent to flood the country with electricity whereas there is power crisis prevailing in the country now. He then cited the story of cat narrated by Nasiruddin Hojja and asked what happened to the meat if the cat still weighed one kilogram or what happened to the cat if that must be the weight of the meat. He said, “What has happened to the billions of taka spent on power generation if people are still suffering from power shortage?

Judiciary is Becoming Nonfunctional

Judiciary is

Chief justice S.K. Sinha has asked the attorney general to inform the government that the judiciary is becoming nonfunctional due to the non-cooperation of the law ministry and that the government should come forward to resolve this crisis. Sinha said it during a hearing held on May 21 on a state appeal against the mobile courts. At the same time, the Appellate Division led by the chief justice also deferred the verdict on this appeal until July 2. The court also instructed for Leave to Appeal after the copy of the verdict is made available.

Cows or Donkeys, GPA-5 is a Must

Cows or Donkeys, GPA-5 is a Must

Jatiya Party chairman Hussain Muhammad Ershad has asked for the shutdown of Facebook because its addiction amongst the students is pushing the education system to the brink of a disaster. The former general said, “Our children are now going in the wrong direction and their studies have gone to hell. They use Facebook and mobile phones to watch rape and pornographic videos while sitting in their classrooms.” What is worse, Ershad added, is that the teachers encourage students to copy in their examinations and it is said that one maybe a cow or a donkey but he or she will have to get a GPA-5 score in their examinations.

A Shameless Surrender

A Shameless

Civil aviation and tourism minister Rashed Khan Menon said in his reaction to the removal of the sculpture from the entrance of the Supreme Court that it has been a shameless surrender to the demands of Hefazat-e-Islam and other fundamentalist groups. He regretted that the controversy turned the sculpture into statue issue, although in reality it had nothing to do with religion. Khan also said this regression is unfortunate for the nation, which would only embolden the extreme fundamentalists. He warned that these groups would once again get busy with their agenda to erase the spirits of independence and the Liberation War.

Newspapers Do Not Proliferate Lies

Newspapers Do Not
Proliferate Lies

According to information minister Hasanul Haq Inu, newspapers are not publicity machinery for lies or instigations and, likewise, democracy is not a shelter to justify militants, extremists, and terrorists. He said that the role of the media in favor of the Language Movement of 1952, and mass uprising of 1969 and against the militants and terrorists of present times would be etched in this nation’s memory for ever. Inu said it on May 23 while speaking at the reception of Farida Yasmin, who won the special Congressional award from the United States.

Most People Untouched by Prosperity

Most People Untouched by

Noted writer, researcher and political personality Badruddin Umar does not believe that most people in the country has been touched by the economic prosperity that has taken place. He said even though the government is claiming food autarky in the country, the poor people are actually surviving on poor quality food. He was speaking on the trend of socioeconomic changes in Bangladesh on May 21, when he said that people thought during the Liberation War of 1971 that their fundamental needs would be satisfied and security of life would be guaranteed after independence. He added that people also thought the fruits of prosperity would be equally distributed amongst the people from all walks of life, but those expectations of the people are yet to be fulfilled.

Sculpture Removed in Deference to Religion

Removed in
Deference to

Law minister Anisul Huq claimed that the sculpture in front of the Supreme Court has been removed to show respect to Islam and other religions. He was speaking on the occasion of World Tobacco Free Day on May 27 when the minister said that the statue had no resemblance to Themis, rather it was distortion of her appearance. He added that it would not have been right to keep that statue and that is why it was removed. Huq further said that it would have been questionable to the future generations if this statue was allowed to stay.



he minority, by definition, is a group in a society distinguished from, and less dominant than, the more numerous majority. Bangladesh, like many other countries of the world, have ethnic minority or indigenous people who do not enjoy the political rights, economic freedom, and legal protection at the same rate as the majority population. These people live a peripheral life compared to the mainstream majority. The minority are mino ...

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People on the Periphery


ecularism is one of the four fundamental principles of Bangladeshi constitution. Unfortunately, communalism and extreme nationalism have ...

The Soviet Union on Charing Cross Road

N othing can be of greater pleasure than a visit to the bookshops on London’s Charing Cross Road. It is an experience I go through and savor every time I am in a city, which Samuel Johnson extolled so well in his time. Anyone who is tired of London, said he, is tired of life. Those bookshops ...

Photo of the Week

With scientists and engineers from the Korean People’s Army, North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un reacts after the test launch of a long-range ballistic rocket called Hwasong-12 at an undisclosed location

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Flats for Government Employees in the Capital

As public servants of all categories suffer from a serious crisis of residential accommodation, the government has taken a number of projects to construct 4,190 flats in the city for them. The Publi ...

Flats for Government Employees in the Capital

Speeding Towards Selfsufficiency

Bangladesh is moving towards energy self-sufficiency at a breakneck speed. The government has taken up several mega projects for generating electricity, and now the work on all those projects is ...

Speeding Towards Selfsufficiency

Bad Business or Bad Loans?

As many as 3,000 garment factories have gone bust after defaulting on a staggering amount of loans. Several hundred entrepreneurs who allegedly took loans from banks through illegal means have va ...

Bad Business or Bad Loans?

Women Pushing the Popularity of Yoga

More women than men in China practise yoga and the urge to stay healthy and look young is pushing its rapid popularity in richer cities across the country. China’s first “Blue Book” or officia ...

Women Pushing the Popularity of Yoga
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“Always, there are doors that are not closed.” --Pope Francis told journalists ahead of his scheduled meeting with US president Donald Trump on May 24 that he would not “make a judgment” on Trump before “listening to him first”


“Drive them out of your places of worship. Drive them out of your communities.” --US president Donald Trump said in his address in Saudi Arabia urging Middle East leaders to combat a “crisis of Islamic extremism” emanating from their homelands


"Whenever we go to India, we have to pack bottles of whiskey because as you know there is a duty of 150 per cent in India on scotch whiskey.” --UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson said at a UK-India Awards ceremony in London for which he was admonished by a British Sikh woman at a gurdwara in Bristol


"That is not something that I can forgive. It is not something that I can forget." -- WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said after Swedish prosecutors dropped a rape allegation against him, referring to seven years of detention without charge and living almost five years in the Ecuador embassy without sunlight


“Instead of tying stone pelter on the army jeep, tie Arundhati Roy!” --Bollywood actor and BJP parliamentarian Paresh Rawal said that writer Arundhati Roy should be tied to an army jeep, suggesting she be used in a manner similar to a Kashmiri man in the Valley last month

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Young and Alone

More than 300,000 children migrated alone worldwide over a two-year period, marking a dramatic escalation of a trend that has forced many young r ...


It was designed as an impregnable deep-freeze to protect the world’s most precious seeds from any global disaster and ensure humanity’s food supply forever. But the Global Seed Vault, buried in a mountain deep inside the Arctic circle, has been breached after global warming produced extraordinary temperatures over the winter, sending meltwater gushing into the entrance tunnel. The vault is on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen and contains almost a million packets of seeds, each a variety of an important food crop. When it was opened in 2008, the deep permafrost thro ...


Gunpei Yokoi started his life as a janitor. In 1966, thethen president of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi, had taken notice of Yokoi working at a Nintendo factory and playing around with a ‘toy’ made for his own amusement. The president was impressed of such an invention and ordered the making of the extending arm, later known as the ‘Ultra Hand’ before the-then upcoming holidays. The invention sold over 1.2 million pieces and in 30 years since the ‘Ultra H ...

Transforming Adult Brains
Transforming Adult Brains

A study of women in India who learned to read in their 30s shows the human brain’s incredible capacity to reorganize and transform itself, researchers said on May 23. Researchers recruited women in India, where the illiteracy rate is around 39 percent, to see what they could learn about the areas of the brain devoted to reading. At the start of the study, most of the women could not read a word of their ...


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