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Politics of Killing and Election

Politics of Killing and Election

Ruling Bangladesh Awami League president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina has urged her archrival Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) chairperson Khaleda Zia to “return to healthy politics”. She said, “We want that the democratic trend should continue uninterrupted. We also want that BNP should not repeat the mistake of boycotting an election like last time.” The prime minister further said that she expected the BNP to contest the next election and let people decide who should come to power. While speaking at the City Conference Center in Stockholm, Sweden on June 15, she asked BNP to “quit the politics of killing” and participate in the election.

“Now I Sleep on the Ground, On the Floor”

“Now I Sleep
on the Ground,
On the Floor”

BNP standing committee member Moudud Ahmed claimed that he has been sleeping on the ground, on the floor ever since he was evicted from his house. The minister added that he would sleep in bed once again after his bed is ready. He made his comments at press conference held on June 15 at the Supreme Court Lawyers Association auditorium. When asked where he was staying after the eviction, Ahmed replied he owns a flat and is waiting for his carpenter to fix his bed which was broken by the evictors.

The Government As a Pickpocket

The Government As a

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has compared the government to a pickpocket after it imposed additional taxes on the people in the proposed national budget. Mirza Fakhrul made his comment at an iftar program held by Jatiyatabadi Praktan Chhatra Parishad on June 13. He said this budget is meant for picking the pockets of ordinary people and filling the pockets of the ruling party leaders. He also accused the government of destroying the economy of the country in a planned manner, subverting the framework of the state and knocking down the pillars of democracy.

When Organizations are More Powerful Than State

When Organizations are More
Powerful Than State

Chittagong district deputy commissioner Md. Zillur Rahman Chowdhury calls it an inauspicious sign that the organizations in Bangladesh have become more powerful than the state. He said the doctors are defiant and they cannot be punished because they threaten to go on strike and this is how the departments win. He was responding to complaints lodged by people’s representatives on June 18 regarding absence of doctors in their places of work. Chowdhury added that it should have been the other way around, the organizations should have been subordinate to the state.

“People Worry More for Their Goods than Their Lives”

“People Worry
More for Their
Goods than
Their Lives”

While talking about the recent landslides that killed over 150 people in the southeast region of the country, relief and disaster management minister Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya commented that people were alerted through public announcement system for two days and still they did not bother to come to the shelters. He said people are more worried about their goods than their lives and nobody wanted to leave behind their goods. The minister said it while addressing a press briefing on the landslide at the ministry on June 13.

“Plunder While You Can”

“Plunder While You Can”

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia said that she would ask the ruling Bangladesh Awami League leaders to plunder as much as they can because they have only a few months left. She told them to leave the country afterwards because they will not find much time to do so. Khaleda told them that it was the time to leave and added that 2018 will be the year of people, democracy, development, and peace. She said it while speaking at an iftar program organized by Jatiyatabadi Muktijoddha Dal on June 11. The BNP chairperson also said that the government does not want the BNP to come to power because they know what consequences they have to face if BNP returns to power.

Unscrupulous Businessmen Have Ruined Health Sector

Have Ruined
Health Sector

Pran Gopal Dutta, former vice chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, complained that the health sector of the country is now controlled by unscrupulous businessmen and they have completely ruined it. He referred to Nobel laureate Amartya Sen who said during his visit to Bangladesh that when education and medical care turn into commodities, they lose their standards. Dutta said unfortunately the government has turned medical care into a commodity in this country. Dutta made his remarks at a seminar organized by Consumer Association of Bangladesh on June 18 at the VIP Lounge of National Press Club.

Only If Chhatra League Members Pass the Written Tests!

Only If Chhatra League Members
Pass the Written Tests!

Ruling Bangladesh Awami Leaue (AL) general secretary Obaidul Quader has assured Chhatra League members that he would try to find them jobs only if they pass the written tests. He said he would do so as per the instruction of the Netri (AL president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina). He was speaking at the extended meeting and training of Chhatra League on June 12 when Quader also urged the Chhatra League members to do good work and concentrate on their studies. He asked them not to engage in such behavior or activities that should hurt the image of the party. He also asked them to stay away from extortion and tender business. He also promised to help them if they need money.

Those Who Have No Social Security Protection

Those Who Have No Social
Security Protection

Agriculture minister Matia Chowdhury has criticized the additional excise duty on bank deposits. She also said that she was against the proposed reduction of interest rates on saving certificates. He said even at 10 percent interest rate it will come to 10 billion taka but hundreds of thousands of people will be its beneficiaries. The minister added that those who have no social security protection cannot throw themselves under a truck or beg from others and many of these people are senior citizens. Chowdhury made her remarks at the budget discussion in parliament on June 15.

The Government is Neither Deaf Nor Dumb

Government is
Neither Deaf
Nor Dumb

State minister for finance and planning M.A. Mannan said that the Awami League government was neither deaf nor dumb. He said the government hears everything and also makes its own assessment of what it hears. The minister said even the writings on the walls do not go unnoticed. He said in response to queries from students and journalists on June 13 during a discussion held on the proposed budget at the State University of Bangladesh.



alling in love, courtship, nuptials, bridal parades, guests, gifts, illuminations, dowries, honeymoons and consummations are still lined up. There is motion and speed in today's marriage, but the momentum gives away as quickly as it picks up. Sooner or later, a large number of marriages run out of steam, because men and women who are eager to take the vow do not have patience till death do them part. In 1891, a Cornell University professor had predicted that if divorce continued to rise at the existing rate, then within the next ...

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Differences Do Us Part


ivorce is the termination of marriage between a husband and a wife following the due processes of law and religion. The word divorce does not trigger any cheerful emotion in human mind at all. However, it is true that from the beginn ...

Words, Trippingly on the Tongue

L awmakers of the ruling Awami League demanded in Parliament last week that Finance Minister A.M.A. Muhith speak less, meaning that he ought to focus on his work more. The immediate cause behind this admonition was of course the fury that the new budget had generated all over the country. Muhi ...

Photo of the Week

Hundreds of people gather on the beach near the village of Sanhlana to await news of their loved ones as rescuers pull bodies from the Andaman Sea after a military plane crashed with more than 120 people onboard

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Remittance Inflow Picking up Again

Inflow of remittances that witnessed a sluggish trend in recent months is picking up again as expatriates sent home USD807.77 million in the first 19 days of May, which is USD115.76 million up from ...

Remittance Inflow Picking up Again

Running Out of Hands

The country’s agricultural sector may be flourishing under the dynamic leadership of agriculture minister Matia Chowdhury, but it is also facing an existential threat. Marginal farmers and farm ...

Running Out of Hands

Crisis of Capital

The capital shortfall of the five state-owned banks is widening day by day. Instead of making profit, keeping the supply of capital steady has become the bigger concern for these banks. The banks ...

Crisis of Capital

The Family Feud

It is not encouraged that the people should launch such scathing attacks against their leaders, but what if these people are amongst the family members of the leader being targeted? And that ques ...

The Family Feud
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“You have to starve the beast. And we are going to starve the beast, believe me.” --US president Donald Trump held the first meeting of his full cabinet, vowing to take the fight against terrorism to the very end


“I prefer not to go to the shower with him. Why provoke him?” --Russian president Vladimir Putin told US filmmaker Oliver Stone when the latter asked if Putin would take a shower on a submarine with a gay crewman


“I am the person who got us into this mess and I am the one who is going to get us out of it.” --UK prime minister Theresa May told her lawmakers at a meeting of the 1922 Committee after a botched election gamble cost the party its majority in parliament


“And we should make no apology for asking those who seek to join our Australian family to join us as Australian patriots — committed to the values that define us, committed to the values that unite us.” --Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull told parliament, while claiming that there is no more important title in their democracy than “Australian citizen”


"Repugnant WH (White House) statement... as Iranians counter terror backed by US clients." --Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a tweet that US president Donald Trump's reaction to the deadly Islamic State group attacks in Tehran was "repugnant"

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Friends Affect Health and Happiness More Than Family

The power of friendship may be more important to our happiness and health than family relationships, accordin ...


Though the phrase was coined in English, that particular way of sitting — legs splayed apart, with little regard for the personal space of others nearby — is a worldwide phenomenon. Now Madrid public transportation officials are targeting the practice, with a new campaign that seeks to dissuade passengers from spreading their legs. Madrid officials this week announced that new signs would go up in its city buses, depicting a seated figure whose open legs are partially blocking the seats next to him. Next to the figure is a large red 'X'. Anti-manspreading ca ...


The victims of the public program were young and mostly female, judged to be rebellious or promiscuous, of low intelligence or perhaps of mixed blood. One was a young woman whose priest believed she had not learned her confirmation lessons well enough, another could not read a blackboard and was deemed retarded. From 1934 to 1974, 62,000 Swedes were sterilized as part of a national drive grounded in the science of racial biology and carried out by officials who believed they were helping to build a progressive, enlightened welfare state. ...

Judy Garland Enshrined in Hollywood Mausole
Judy Garland Enshrined in Hollywood Mausole

Judy Garland has been laid to rest in a mausoleum named for her at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. A spokeswoman for Garland’s estate says her family and friends held a private memorial service for the actress on June 10, which would have been Garland’s 95th birthday. She was buried in the Judy Garland Pavilion. Garland’s third husband, Mickey Deans, buried her in New York, but her children said she wished to be interred w ...


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