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Our Children Do Not Pester Us for Business

Our Children Do Not Pester Us for

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina said that she and her family took no advantage of her being in power. On July 12 she told parliament that she and her sister have five children who have been sent to schools. “And these children have been told that education is their only wealth and they are assisting us in our work.” Hasina said their children do not pester them to give them business deals or this or that. She said power for her is not a conduit for fulfill - ing personal desires and she is prepared to face any challenge for the wellbeing of the people.

No Other Country Has Such Intolerant Politicians

No Other
Country Has
Such Intolerant

Former adviser to a past caretaker government barrister Mainul Hosein blamed the politicians of the country for being very intolerant. He said the politicians are not so intolerant in any other country of the world. Mainul Hosein also said the system or practice of parliamentary democracy is absent amongst the politicians in this country, and the only thing they want is absolute power. He said it on a television talk show on July 12, adding that none of these politicians understand that they must stay within the legal framework once they are elected by the people.

I was Wrong and Sheikh Hasina Made Me Realize It

I was Wrong and Sheikh
Hasina Made Me Realize It

Finance minister AMA Muhith accepted that 15 percent VAT proposed in the national budget was a mistake and prime minister Sheikh Hasina made him realize that mistake. But he refused to take the blame and wanted NBR to share the burden with him. The minister said he had given a proposal and it never happened that a proposal given is entirely finalized. He also said that he always has a fallback position because he knows the prime minister will give certain concessions. Muhith added that he knows how the prime minister’s mind works better than any other people and better than any other member of the cabinet. He said it in an interview with a vernacular daily on July 9.

“I Cannot Put Up Mosquito Nets in Your Rooms”

“I Cannot Put Up Mosquito Nets in
Your Rooms”

Annisul Huq, mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation, has claimed that Chikungunya is being spread by mosquitos born inside the houses, not in the drains. He said the city corporation was by no means responsible for Chikungunya whether it is an epidemic or not. He also said it was impossible for the city corporation to kill mosquitos visiting from door to door. Huq further added that he could not personally put up the mosquito nets inside everybody’s room and neither could he spray medicine in the water tanks in everyone’s house. He also said during a press conference at his office on July 15 that it was not possible for him to kill mosquitos growing in the clean water inside a house.

Nobody Without a Heart Can Be an Intellectual

a Heart
Can Be an

While talking about intellectuals, Dhaka University’s emeritus professor Serajul Islam Choudhury said that they have a duty to change the world. He was speaking at a seminar organized by East West University on July 12 that the intellectuals have a responsibility to question the status quo, challenge its inadequacies and change it. He said that one cannot be an intellectual unless first he has a heart.

Democracy is Hollow Because Rule of Law Has Vanished

Democracy is Hollow Because Rule of
Law Has Vanished

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) chairperson Khaleda Zia condemned police interference in a meeting held at the Uttara residence of JSD president ASM Abdur Rab. Khaleda made her condemnation in a written statement sent to the media on July 15. She said democracy has become hollow due to rule of law missing in the country. She complained that the law-enforcement agencies have become desperate at the instigation of the government and they have lost their good senses to show their loyalty to a “voterless government”. Khaleda insisted that the government has crossed all limits in its efforts to throw the country into the extreme darkness of one-party rule.

Shajahan Khan Called a Monster

Khan Called a

Central organizing secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, AFM Bahauddin Nasim, expressed his resentment against shipping minister Shajahan Khan at the advisory council meetng of his party in the presence of the party’s general secretary Obaidul Quader. He also said that the situation in Madaripur was very bad. He accused Shajahan Khan of doing everything freestyle and that he has turned into a monster. Nasim made an appeal either to save Awami League from this minister or to exclude him (Nasim) from his party position. The meeting held at Awami League’s Dhanmondi Office on July 13 was presided by Obaidul Quader.

Asking Justices About a Judgment

Asking Justices About a

Parliament member Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim has criticized the abrogation of the sixteenth amendment of taking back the power of parliament to remove justices from office. He said he would like to ask the judges that while parliament can impeach the president, the prime minister and the speaker, then how they could stay above the law that they cannot be impeached. “What kind of a judgment is it and where are you trying to go with it?” he asked. He asked why the judges were giving political statements at different places. He also said that some of them had sided with the inauspicious forces in the past with a hope in their hearts, but that hope is not going to come true any more.

“I Joined Awami League Because I was a Fool”

“I Joined Awami League Because I
was a Fool”

Nagarik Oikya convener Mahmudur Rahman Manna has called his decision to join Bangladesh Awami League a silly mistake, but thanks God, it did not take him too long to realize it. Manna said it at a press conference on July 15 where he narrated how he was harassed by police two days earlier while visiting the house of JSD leader ASM Abdur Rab. He said he too had boarded the “Boat”, the same “Boat” from which Dr. Kamal had dismounted. He said one had to be a fool to have done it. He also added that he did not know how long it took Dr. Kamal to realize his mistake, but he himself did not take that long to realize his own mistake. He further said that the Awami League that talks about the spirit of the Liberation War does not harbor the values of that war. He said it occurred to him at times that Awami League has no values at all.

The Tears Have Dried Up

The Tears Have
Dried Up

Road transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader has accused BNP leaders of crying while speaking in press briefings from home. “It was BNP which had killed thousands of Awami League activists and blood ran like rivers.” Quader also added that the tears have dried up in their eyes. The minister made his remarks at a representatives’ meeting of the Khulna division held in Jessore on July 9.



t appears to be a new kind of menace for Bangladesh that lightning strikes are increasing in frequency and costing more lives every year. Thunderbolts in the sky is nothing new, but growing concern over the number of lightning bolts has prompted the government to add it to the list of natural disasters in 2016. That was also the year when the number of people killed by lightning was the highest so far. The non-government estimate has the number of casualty at 400, while the government estimate is 217 in 2016. But more important ...

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Lightning in the Sky


umans have always been the playthings in the hand of Nature and helplessly watched diverse manifestations of its wrath throughout the time. Thunderstorms are an awful natural disaster that always associates with the inevitable risk o ...

The Tragedy of Tajuddin Ahmad

T he tragedy of Tajuddin Ahmad is part of our history we can overlook at peril to our future. He remains ignored, or even sidelined, in our assessments of the evolution of this Bengali state through the autonomy movement of the 1960s and the War of Liberation of 1971. His was a role pivotal to ...

Photo of the Week

Protesters dressed like zombies demonstrate prior to the G20 summit. In a two-hour show, hundreds of actors took part in a public appeal for more humanity

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Drug Peddling by Women on the Rise

Involvement of women in drug peddling is increasing day by day as women can easily pass through checkpoints of law enforcers. Alongside men, a large number of women work as drug smugglers, dealers, ...

Drug Peddling by Women on the Rise

Smart Cards, Unsmart Distribution

As many as 87.7 million people are likely to miss out smart card – the machine-readable National Identity (NID) card – if the election commission fails to deliver the cards to the citizens wi ...

Smart Cards, Unsmart Distribution

Coping With the Withdrawal

The uphill task of mobilizing resources from the domestic sector to finance implementation of the budget for the current year (2017-18) is going to be difficult after the withdrawal of new VAT r ...

Coping With the Withdrawal

Death of a Dissident

Liu Xiaobo, Nobel Peace Prize laureate imprisoned in China, dies at 61. For friends and admirers, the China’s only Nobel Peace Prize laureate’s death on July 13 comes as a severe blow. To man ...

Death of a Dissident
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"You know, you are in such good shape. Beautiful.'' --US president Donald Trump was captured complimenting the French president's wife's appearance on Thursday as he toured a famous Paris landmark


“…the TV Trump is very different from the person in reality.” --Russian president Vladimir Putin praised the US president Donald Trump after their meeting in Hamburg earlier this month on the fringes of the G20 summit


“I have a little bit of superstition about things like that.” -UK prime minister Theresa May told BBC why she did not watch the exit poll herself and admitted she shed a ‘little tear’ on losing not only the election but also her party’s majority


"The people of Pakistan have elected me and only they can remove me from this post." --Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif refused to resign despite demands for his exit after the Panama case probe panel recommended filing of a graft case against him and his family


"I am not hearing any whistling, just the clock ticking." --EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier warned Britain that time was running out for talks after foreign minister Boris Johnson said the bloc could "go whistle" for the divorce bill

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Encourage Children to be More Social If You Want them to be Bright

Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, developmental psychologist, professor at Temple University, and co-author o ...


The vast majority of people arriving in Europe by sea are fleeing persecution, war, and famine, while less than a fifth are economic migrants, a report published on July 7 reveals. More than 80 percent of an estimated 1,008,616 arrivals in 2015 came from refugee-producing countries including Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and a quarter of that number were children. Researchers say the findings challenge the myth that migrants are coming to Europe for economic reasons. The study is based on 750 questionnaires and more than 100 interviews carried out at reception centers in Greece, Italy, and Malta. It highlights the abuse many ha ...


In Durango, Mexico, there lies a desert patch called the “Mapimì Silent Zone”, often compared to the famous ‘Bermuda Triangle’, the legend follows that radio waves cannot be transmitted in parts of the zone due to local magnetic fields and ‘earth energy’ among other explanations. The most popular myth however is surrounding the US Air Force, where it says that a US Athena rocket containing two small containers of ‘Cobalt 57’ had lost control and ...

Hollywood Outside of Hollywood
Hollywood Outside of Hollywood

Hollywood has been an iconic name for movies all over the world just like Xerox is for photocopying and Microsoft is for computers. But the biggest-budget films made this summer have all the elements of Hollywood blockbusters: superheroes, pirates, and space aliens. In the truest sense though, none of them is a Hollywood movie. Despite a major effort by Los Angeles over the last two years to lure film pro ...


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