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“Death Has Chased Me Many Times”

“Death Has Chased Me Many Times”

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina is not afraid of death because it has chased her many times. She said death is the irrevocable fate of every human being. She was speaking at the Krishibid Institution on the Martyred Intellectuals Day on December 14 when she added that those who have committed war crimes and those who have sheltered these criminals are equally guilty, and that they too will be tried. The prime minister further added that the trial of the war criminals is an ongoing thing just like the war criminals from the Second World War are still being tried.

Hasina’s Men Burned People to Death

Hasina’s Men
Burned People
to Death

Krishak Shromik Janata League president Kader Siddique defended Khaleda Zia against prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s allegation that her rival had burned people to death. He said it was rather the prime minister who led her men to burn people to death and Khaleda Zia failed to convince the people of that truth. Siddique lamented that politics is now for the corrupt men and the plunderers, and it has no place for sacrificing minds. While speaking at the biennial conference of his party in Sakhipur, Tangail, he said that money now holds politics in captivity.

Sheaf of Paddy to Bring the Spate to Wash Away Hasina’s Throne

Sheaf of Paddy to Bring the Spate
to Wash Away Hasina’s Throne

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir knows that the Narayanganj City Corporation election is not the general election. He then said that this election is important because it is an attempt to rescue the democracy that has been crushed under the boots. He warned that should there be irregularities in this election, the movement to topple Sheikh Hasina will be launched from Narayanganj. Alamgir claimed that Khaleda Zia’s appeal to the voters has created a spate for the sheaf of paddy symbol in Narayanganj and it will wash away the illegitimate throne of Sheikh Hasina. He made his comments on December 13 at a street rally held in front of the CDS Gate in Bandar, Narayanganj.

Bangabandhu Succeeded Where Mahatma Gandhi and Netaji Failed

Bangabandhu Succeeded Where
Mahatma Gandhi and Netaji Failed

Industry minister Amir Hossain Amu claimed that Mahatma Gandhi and Netaji had failed, but Bangabandhu is the only leader who has been successful with both noncooperation movement and struggle for independence. He said the leaders of India had admitted that Bangabandhu was a greater coordinator than Mahatma Gandhi and Netaji Subhas Bose and it was responding to the call of Bangabandhu that people had plunged themselves into the noncooperation movement and the armed struggle for independence. The minister said it on December 11 during a discussion on the Jhalakathi Liberation Day in Jhalakathi.

BNP is a Party of Cripples

BNP is a Party
of Cripples

Founder of Gonoshasthaya Hospital, Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury, has called BNP a party of cripples and said that he did not see any hope that this party would be able to return to power again. He added that if the BNP leaders read the book “Political Biography of President Zia” written by journalist Mahfuz Ullah, then they might be able to overcome their crippled condition. Dr. Chowdhury was speaking at the launch of the book at the Brac Center in Mohakhali on December 11.

Democracy Has Been Sent to Its Grave

Democracy Has Been Sent to Its

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has said that democracy in the country has been sent to its grave. In a message sent to the media on the birth anniversary of Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani on December 11, she said that the independence and sovereignty of the country are at a serious stake, and imperialism has spread its wings again. She said the January 5 election is proof that anti-democratic, oppressive forces of imperialism can capture power through farcical election and by suppressing people through blood-soaked means.

Khaleda Zia to Repent Until Her Death

Khaleda Zia to
Repent Until
Her Death

Pubic administration minister Syed Ashraful Islam believes that BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia will have to repent until her death for allowing war criminals to sit on her Cabinet. He said that if Khaleda believed in the Liberation War then she would not have formed an alliance with Jamaat. He was speaking in Mymensingh on December 16 when he also said that the people of his country did not fight the Liberation War so that the defeated forces like Jamaat could have its leaders hoisting the national flag on their official cars.

“I Am Now Scared of Flowers”

“I Am Now Scared of Flowers”

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader feels scared while other people are delighted to see flowers. He said he takes a close look at which flower is for love and which is for selfish interests. Quader was addressing a meeting when he mentioned that many people bring him flowers and then hand him pieces of paper. He said it is understable that people will come to a minister with their demands, but he knows how much selfish interests are involved. He added that the prime minister is active and dynamic even at the age of seventy, and at times others cannot keep pace with her. Quader also said that a country that has a visionary and dynamic leader like her is bound to make progress.

No Favors Wanted

No Favors Wanted

Ruling party mayoral candidate in Narayanganj City Corporation, Selina Hayat Ivy, has urged the Election Commission to take all necessary steps to ensure a free and fair election. She said it on December 15 at Narayanganj Club in response to the concern expressed by BNP candidate Shakhawat Hossain that political influence might be used to impact the voters. Ivy said that there should be a fair election and the fear expressed by her rival over the polling agents should be proven wrong. She added that she did not want to contest the election with favors from anyone. She also mentioned that she was in favor of deployment of any and every force to ensure that the election is neutral and smooth.

No Longer in the Grand Alliance

No Longer
in the Grand

Jatiya Party chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad has shifted from his earlier position regarding the presence of his party members in the Cabinet. Recently he said that his party no longer belongs to the Grand Alliance. He said there are many examples in the world when the opposition leaders also sit on the Cabinet and there is nothing wrong about it. While speaking at Rangpur Circuit House on December 17, he also said that his party would field 300 candidates in the next election.



he year 2016 is lost in the layers of time. It was comprised of 12 months, 52 weeks and 366 days just like any other year in the Gregorian calendar. Yet it was different in contents, meaning the events that took place within its space shaped individual, national and global futures. If we look at how 2016 shaped lives in Bangladesh, it was full of constant changes that however didn’t significantly change the constant. Politically, Awami League consolidated its position further, its leader and prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s personal image enhanced at home and abroad. The fate of the se ...

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he year 2016 has drawn to an end. It was Bangladesh’s 45th year of independence. During this year, the country recorded its highest per capita income and GDP growth as well. It will be memorabl ...

The Seductions of Dhaka

T here are cities where you feel at home. In these past many years, having travelled to quite a few cities --- and they really have not been many --- it has always been the idea of home which has governed my thoughts. Dhaka is and will always be home. No, it is not exactly the sort of Dhaka I knew once, with its homes and ...

Photo of the Week

A man lights his cigarette from the flames of a bus torched by anti-government demonstrators during a protest against the constitutional amendment PEC 55, which limits public spending to inflation for the next 20 years, in front of Brazil's National Congress in Brasilia.

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No Land Survey in 60 Years!

Since a SA survey in 1956, no government survey was ever conducted in the Banaripara upazila of Barisal district in the last 60 years. As a result, land dispute has reached a boiling point in thi ...

No Land Survey in 60 Years!

Coping with Cultural Extinction

The word ‘hill tracts’ in Bangladesh is inseparably associated with the cultural diversity of the indigenous communities. However, 14 small ethnic groups living in the Chittagong Hill Tracts ...

Coping with Cultural Extinction

Mobile and Mischievous

The apprehension expressed by some quarters about four years ago that mobile banking service coming into effect might turn out to be an effective tool in promoting criminal activities has deepene ...

Mobile and Mischievous

The Happiness Gap

The Soviet Union was dissolved on December 26, 1991, as a result of the declaration no. 142-H of the Soviet of the Republics of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union. The declaration acknowledge ...

The Happiness Gap
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"He (US President elect Donald Trump) does not know much, (but) one thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him." --Bill Clinton, former US president and husband of Hillary Clinton, told The Record-Review, a weekly local newspaper in upstate New York


“Maybe my bullets killed them, maybe not, but after the (firefight) they were all dead.” --Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte claimed that as newly-elected mayor of Davao, he and several local policemen ambushed a group of suspected kidnappers shortly after the gang collected ransom from the parents of a local teenage girl.


"He has little political experience, but, maybe, it is good." --Former Soviet statesman Mikhail Gorbachev said when asked to give his assessment of the US president-elect Donald Trump


"If we fail to act, South Sudan will be on a trajectory towards mass atrocities." --UN secretary- general Ban Ki-moon warned, while asking for immediate action to impose an arms embargo and pressure leaders of the world's newest nation to end hate speech, incitement and violence


"Musharraf should not have talked in such a blatant manner, even if Raheel had played a role in this issue. Musharraf should have realized the implications of this statement." --Pakistan’s federal minister for states and frontiers regions, Abdul Qadir Baloch, said in Geo News talk show after former president Parvez Musharraf’s claim that ex-army chief Gen Raheel Sharif helped him leave the country

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Minding Methane

Top researchers warned on December 12 that a decade-long surge of the potent greenhouse gas methane threatens to make the fight against global warming even harder. T ...


The UK government is finalizing plans to cut annual student visa figures by nearly half, from the current 300,000 to 170,000, a media report said amid a sharp fall in students coming to the country from outside Europe. The move comes despite recent UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures indicating there has been a drastic drop in students coming to the UK from outside Europe. The number of non-EU citizens migrating to the UK to study declined from 134,000 in the previous year to 111,000, ONS said in its 'Migration Statistics Quarterly Report: August 2 ...

Naming of Australia
Naming of Australia

Australia was named before it was discovered. Ancient geographers had supposed that land in the north must be balanced by land in the south. Aristotle had written, “there must be a region bearing the same relation to the southern pole as the place we live in bears to our pole”, and Romans told legends of a Terra Australis Incognita, an “unknown land of the South.” In 1814 the British explorer Matthew Flinders suggested applying the speculative name, Terra Australis, to the actual continent which was relatively recently “discovered.” ...

Pope Celebrates Low-key 80th Birthday
Pope Celebrates Low-key 80th Birthday

Pope Francis celebrated an active if low-key 80th birthday on December 17, sharing breakfast with eight homeless people before celebrating Mass with cardinals as greetings flowed in from around the world. The pope chatted individually with each of the homeless guests: four Italians, two Romanians, a Moldovan and a Peruvian, at the Vatican hotel where he resides, and shared Argentinian cakes with them before heading to Mass, the Vatican said. The guests offered the pope a bouquet of sunflowers. They were invite ...


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