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No Vow for Insulin

No Vow for Insulin

President Mohammad Abdul Hamid was speaking at the silver jubilee celebration of Lalmatia College in Dhaka on December 26 when he told the audience how he often teases his wife Rashida Khanam. He said that once when he was having his breakfast, the nurse came to give insulin injection to his wife. He said he asked the nurse how much an insulin injection cost and learned that every two shots cost BDT900. He estimated that the cost of insulin and medications would cost around BDT1,000 every day. So he asked his wife where that money would come from once he retires from his job, because now the government takes care of the medical expenses for his family. When his wife replied that he will have to pick up that cost, the president quipped that the insulin was not included in his marriage vows

Standard of Universal Education is Poor

Standard of
Education is

Former adviser to caretaker government and economist Dr. Hossain Zillur Rahman is of the view that the standard of education in the country suffers from many shortcomings. He said the standard of universal education was poor and it is essential to ensure qualitative standard of education. Rahman said he would like to request the prime minister to introduce at least one thousand standard academic institutions in the next 15 years. While speaking at a seminar at the CIRDAP auditorium on December 28, he also added that it was important to closely observe the standard of education in the universities

Role of Money in Elections

Role of Money in Elections

Awami League general secretary and min - ister of road transport and bridges, Obaidul Quader, admitted that allegations about the use of money in the elections could not be denied. He added that none of the candidates are abiding by the funding limit determined by the Election Commission, and instead it is being violated in many places. Quader said it while responding to ques - tions from journalists at the meeting room of his ministry on December 27.

As Good As Putting One’s Head Under a Truck

As Good As Putting One’s Head
Under a Truck

BNP standing committee member Goyeshwar Chandra Roy claimed that while no vote robbery took place in Narayanganj, vote theft took place in the dark night. He said that according to many intellectuals the Narayanganj election was a rehearsal meant to establish the fact that fair elections could be held under Sheikh Hasina. Roy said that it is easier to detect a robbery than theft and it is also easier to apprehend the robbers than the thieves. He said it at a roundtable discussion organized by Voice of Democracy on December 27 at the National Press Club. He then added that going to election under Sheikh Hasina was the same thing as putting one’s head under a truck. He further added that it is a great sin to commit suicide but it is an even greater sin to participate in an election under her rule.

Getting Back the Right to Vote

Getting Back
the Right to

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has wished success and uninterrupted peace and prosperity to everyone in Bangladesh, while injustice and oppression would disappear from the world. She added that she also wished for the end of all sorts of killings, kidnappings, murders, wars and conflicts in the New Year. She urged the people of Bangladesh to wage a united movement to restore democracy and the right to vote. Zia said it in her New Year message sent to the media on December 31.

Standard of Education

Standard of Education

The prime minister gave a piece of her mind to those who questioned the Education Policy. She said she would like to tell those who criticize the policy that nothing can be changed overnight. She also added that these critics should first offer their voluntary services and do something for the underprivileged such as educate them. Sheikh Hasina further said she was yet to know from the critics what they meant by the standard of education and that she would be happy if they could explain it to her. The prime minister made her comments while launching the free books distribution program at Gonobhaban on December 31.

Khaleda Knew BNP Would Lose

Khaleda Knew
BNP Would

Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury, known as a BNP sympathizer, believes that BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia knew that her party would lose in the Narayanganj City Corporation election. He said that Ivy had won the poll by dint of her own qualification and anybody who would have contested against her from BNP was bound to be defeated. Dr. Chowdhury expressed these views during an interview with a vernacular daily on December 23. He added that this time, like the last time, many BNP supporters voted for Ivy.

No Peace Without Social Revolution

No Peace Without Social

Dr. Serajul Islam Chowdhury, emeritus professor of Dhaka University, said that these days it is hard to find as much knowledge as the noise that one hears. He also said that it is important to have knowledge because knowledge brings joy and that is the only way to make happiness available for all. Dr. Chowdhury emphasized that the joy of education is more entertaining than entertainment itself. He was giving a memorial lecture at Bangla Academy on December 25 when he also added that the quest for knowledge in Bangladesh was in a distressed condition and happiness for all could not be achieved short of a social revolution.

“Is This Country Your Feudal Property?”

“Is This Country Your Feudal

BNP’s senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi gave the reaction of his party to the Awami League threat that BNP would not be allowed to take to the streets on the third anniversary of the tenth parliament. Regarding the BNP program on January 5, Rizvi told journalists on December 31 that if Awami League as a political party had any accountability to the people, then it would not have used such phrases as “we shall not allow them to do it” or “we shall stop them.” He wanted to know why Awami League would not allow BNP to observe its programs and asked if it deemed the country as its feudal property. Rizvi also said that only a gang of robbers could have such a devious mentality.

Tying Ropes Around the Feet

Tying Ropes
Around the

Jatiya Party chairman Hussain Muhammad Ershad complained that no government after 1990 has done justice to him. He said he was a chained politician and the incumbent government has still kept alive those lawsuits that BNP had filed against him. Ershad lamented that everybody wants to keep him in chains. He then added that he could no longer be kept in confinement and would come out breaking the chains. He also vowed that Jatiya Party would return to power. The Jaitya Party chairman was speaking at the Dhaka Supreme Court auditorium on December 21 when he made these remarks.



oreign cultural invasion is being perceived as a real threat in Bangladesh as its impact is now looking more obvious than before. The influences of Indian films, television and music have percolated through every layer of population and life in this country, sounding the death knell for the local culture. Not only have Bangladeshi movies, television shows and music seen a decline in popularity, their quality also has taken a nosedive. It is now common knowledge that the Bangladeshi housewives are crazy about watching certain Indian serials. Children are also growing up on the diet of ca ...

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Cultural Invasion of Bangladesh


long with the governmentcontrolled BTV and BTV World, at least 41 private television channels are currently on air in Bangladesh. These channels telecast a wide range of programs every day that va ...

Stories of Political Betrayal

T here are a good many reasons why Zulfikar Ali Bhutto is remembered all these years after his tragic death through execution. A principal cause behind such remembrance is the manner in which he betrayed those through whose benevolence he rose to the top before he finally perished. One recalls here the fawning letter he wr ...

Photo of the Week

A massive explosion destroys the biggest fireworks market in Tultepec, Mexico. The explosion reportedly killed at least 31 people and injured 70. About 47 people, including 10 children, remained hospitalized, while a dozen people were still missing after the blast

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Malaysia Keen to Invest in Manufacturing Sector

Around 20 Malaysian companies have shown their interest to invest in Bangladesh mainly in the manufacturing industries. Md Alamgir Jalil, president, Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Indus ...

Malaysia Keen to Invest in Manufacturing Sector

In a Sorry State

Following the 2010 share market crash, the once burgeoning real estate sector continues to display a sluggish trend, much to the dismay of the housing developers. The big housing companies are do ...

In a Sorry State

The Commission Crisis

Despite having a massive potential, the country’s insurance sector is struggling due to the unhealthy commission competition among the insurance companies. While the sector has created a lot of ...

The Commission Crisis

Coming Home in Caskets

A bizarre arithmetic is working for the Nepalese workers, who are going abroad. Their number has more than doubled but so has the number of those returning home dead. Since the country began pro ...

Coming Home in Caskets
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"We can say with certainty: We are stronger now than any potential aggressor," --Russian president Vladimir Putin told an annual end-of-year meeting with the defense ministry on December 22


"We have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated the drafts and demanded to pass it." --Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said two days after Washington abstained in a vote on a UN resolution against Israeli settlements


"Israel forgets Pakistan is a Nuclear state too." --Pakistan's defense minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif threatened Israel after a fake news report that his Israeli counterpart had threatened "nuclear retaliation" for Islamabad's role in Syria against ISIS


“I would like her to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.” --Carl Paladino, the New York co-chair for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, said in his wishes for 2017 adding that he also wanted to see President Obama to have sex with a cow and die from mad cow disease


“I am from India and therefore, I perhaps am not considered as of much value.” --Thomas Uzhunnalil, a Catholic priest abducted from an old people’s home in Yemen by the Islamic State in March, said in an emotional plea to the Indian government and the church to save his life

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Why Are Men Losing Hair, Sperm, and Libido?

At the end of 2016, there is bad news for Delhi men, because they are losing their hair, sperm and libido. A new survey conducted by a city-based he ...


Indian prime minister Narendra Modi on December 24 laid the foundation stone for what is set to be the world’s tallest statue, as its projected multi-million-dollar cost sparked criticism and an online petition against the project. The statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji, a 17th-century Hindu ruler who fought the Muslim Mughal dynasty and carved out his own kingdom, will be more than twice the size of the Statue of Liberty and five times higher than Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. The structure, a pet project of Hindu nationalist Modi, will rise 192 meters from an island off the western coast of Mumbai in the Arabia ...

History of Rice
History of Rice

It used to be thought that rice farming arrived in India around 2000 BCE, an imported crop from China. Recent evidence is turning that on its head. From archaeological discoveries and deductions around what used to be the Indus River Civilization – in today’s Pakistan and northern India – scientists now think rice arrived about 430 years earlier. In fact, rice growing by the Indus Civilization may have developed in tandem with rice growing by ancient China. The Indus developed ...

A Poet Before His Time
A Poet Before His Time

Mirza Ghalib, born as Mirza Asadullah Beg Khan on December 27, 1797, was the preeminent Urdu and Persianlanguage poet during the last years of the Mughal Empire. He was the last great poet of the Mughal Era, and is considered to be one of the most popular and influential poets of the Urdu language. Ghalib remains popular to this day not only in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan but also among the Indian sub-continental diaspora around the world. More than 200 years after his birth, the name Mirza Ghalib still defi ...


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