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Britain Has the Record Number of 134 Billionaires

Britain has more billionaires than ever in what equality campaigners said was a clear sign that the UK economy is only working for the few at the top. There are now 134 billionaires based in the UK according to this year’s Sunday Times Rich List, 14 more than the previous highest total, as the super-rich reap the benefits of a “Brexit boom”. Fifteen years ago, there were 21. The wealthiest 1,000 individuals and families in Britain have combined wealth of USD852 billion, up from USD744 billion last year, despite fears that the Brexit vote last June would plunge the economy into a fresh turmoil. The Equality Trust said the USD107 billion increase in wealth among the richest 1,000 people over the past year could pay the energy bills of all UK households for two and a half years and would be enough for the grocery bills for all food bank users for 56 years.

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