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Staffing at BMW’s Dutch Mini Plant to Overtake UK’s

BMW’s X1 model will be built in the Netherlands, it said on March 23, boosting staff levels at Mini’s contract manufacturer VDL Nedcar, beyond those at the German carmaker’s plant in Oxford, England, where the Mini hatch is made. Harald Krueger, BMW’s chief executive, said on March 22 that more production could move to the Netherlands depending on the outcome of Britain’s negotiations to leave the European Union. BMW has 4,600 staff working in Oxford, while VDL currently employs 4,500 staff. Both plants produce the Mini. Adding production of the X1 in August will boost Dutch staff numbers to more than 5,000, marking a sharp rise from only 1,500 in 2012. While Oxford still builds more cars, having produced 210,971 vehicles last year compared with 87,609 cars made by VDL in the same period, the Dutch plant at Born could produce up to 200,000 if it operated a two shift system.

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