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Trump Orders Investigation of Countries Having Trade Deficit with US

US president Donald Trump signed an executive order on March 31 that launched a 90-day investigation of countries with whom the United States runs a bilateral trade deficit. The list, led by China, also includes India, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and Canada. Another executive order, to be issued at the same time, will be about the “long-festering” problem of “undercollection” of anti-dumping and countervailing duties, dealing with imports that are substantially cheaper than local rivals because of state-subsidies. China tops the list with USD347 billion trade surplus over the US, followed by Japan with USD69 billion,Germany with USD65 billion, Mexico with USD62 billion, Ireland with USD36 billion, Vietnam with USD32 billion, Italy with USD28 billion, South Korea with USD28 billion, Malaysia with USD25 billion, India with USD24 billion, Thailand with USD19 billion, France with USD16 billion, Switzerland with USD14 billion, Taiwan with USD13 billion, Indonesia with USD13 billion and Canada with USD11 billion.

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