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Volume:7, Number:35
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Invention of Wheelbarrows

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Wheelbarrows were invented around 200 CE. The Chinese before that used two-wheeled carts to get items around their rice paddies. But the twowheeled carts tended to slip off the narrow pounded- earth walls, which separated flooded rice fields. Someone, somewhere, had the idea of putting just one big wheel under the cart. Suddenly rice paddy embankments were easier to get around. The wheelbarrow was a hit! Besides being used by farmers, the Chinese military soon adopted wheelbarrows to transport supplies and dead and wounded soldiers.

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First US President Buried Under a Foreign Flag

John Tyler, the 10th president of the United States, was elected to the Confederate House of Representatives in his postpresidency. Tyler never served. He died before the first session began. He was then buried under a confederate flag, since he and his family considered the Confederacy his nation at the time of his death – making John Tyler the only president to be buried under a foreign flag.

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Malaria is the Deadliest Disease

Although the parasite responsible for P. falciparum malaria has been in existence for 50,000–100,000 years, the population size of the parasite did not increase until about 10,000 years ago, concurrently with advances in agriculture and the development of human settlements. Malaria, which is caused by the parasitic protozoa plasmodium, is the deadliest disease of all time. No disease, including the plague or smallpox, has killed more people. It has also killed more people than all wars, famines, and natural disasters combined.

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