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Assembly of the Dead

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Jemaa el Fna, the vast market square in Marrakech, Morocco, literally means “assembly of the dead.” It may recall when the market square was where public executions were held, as early as 1050 CE. Or the name may refer to the heads of various executed criminals, which were displayed in the market square. Thankfully this practice stopped in the 1800s. But the name lives on.

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Invention of Price Tags

In the earlier times, the storeowner and the potential buyer started out at different prices, and through bargaining came to agree on a single price. And that single price would be different for each buyer who walked into the store. The Quakers believed everyone was equal, and it was unequal to charge different prices. So they invented the price tag. In the mid-1800s in Quaker stores, each item in the store cost exactly the same thing, no matter how rich you were or how good you were at haggling.

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The Largest Eagle

Haast’s Eagle is the largest known eagle to have ever existed. The largest of them could weigh 15 kilograms and have a wingspan of up to 3 meters. They were so big because their prey on the south island of New Zealand was the flightless moa birds, which were also large up to 230 kilograms. Haast’s Eagle went extinct in New Zealand around 1400. The first Māori hunted moas into extinction, and without their main food source, Haast’s Eagles quickly followed.

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