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Nintendo’s Janitor

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Gunpei Yokoi started his life as a janitor. In 1966, thethen president of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi, had taken notice of Yokoi working at a Nintendo factory and playing around with a ‘toy’ made for his own amusement. The president was impressed of such an invention and ordered the making of the extending arm, later known as the ‘Ultra Hand’ before the-then upcoming holidays. The invention sold over 1.2 million pieces and in 30 years since the ‘Ultra Hand’, Nintendo had produced almost a dozen of Yokoi’s inventions, which included the revolutionising ‘Gameboy’, receiving worldwide success.

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Cheese Rolling

The practice of cheese rolling came from a village known as Brockworth, in Gloucestershire, England. Started out to take place annually on ‘Whit Monday’, a Christian holiday, the game is basically to run a 3-kilogram chunk of Double Gloucester cheese dropped from the top of the hill, just to be chased by competitors dashing for it. One who gets to the bottom of the hill first wins the ‘cheese’ and other prizes. However, the tradition is constantly under criticism and backlash due to competitors and spectators getting injured.

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The Land of Rabbits

Spain was formerly known as ‘Iberia’, derived from the Iberian word for river, ‘iber’. When the Greeks took over Spanish territory in 600BC, they named the land ‘Hesperia’, which meant ‘land of the setting sun’. In 300BC, the Carthaginians conquered Spain and called it ‘Ispania’, (derived from the word ‘Sphan’ meaning rabbit) which meant ‘Land of the Rabbits’. After about a century, the Romans arrived and acquired the Carthaginian name ‘Hispania’. Now this has turned into the present day ‘España’, which is simply the Spanish for Spain.

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