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Friends Affect Health and Happiness More Than Family

The power of friendship may be more important to our happiness and health than family relationships, according to a new study, which found that just a few good friends could make a world of difference to a person’s well-being. Researchers found that in older adults, friendships are actually a stronger predictor of health and happiness than relationships with family members, said William Chopik, assistant professor at Michigan State University in the US. The study found that both family and friend relationships were linked to better health and happiness overall, but only friendships became a stronger predictor of health and happiness at advanced ages. When friends were the source of strain, participants reported more chronic illnesses and when they were the source of support, participants were happier.

Sexual Dissatisfaction, Not Porn, Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It is also sometimes referred to as impotence. Porn is often blamed for turning men off sex with their partners, but one in five men watch X-rated films to avoid intimacy, it was found. It follows a recent study that discovered men who, regularly watch porn, are more likely to become disinterested in sex with their partners. Dr. David Ley, a clinical psychologist specializing in sexual problems, said that men use masturbation to compensate for lack of sexual satisfaction in relationships. The study found that 22 percent reported of viewing porn to having sex with their partner. They also found that 28 percent of respondents said that they opted for masturbation over intercourse.

Is Your Gym Habit the Sign of a Disorder?

Those who work out every single day of the year; often twice or thrice a day, may be suffering from a disorder called ‘exercise bulimia'. Bulimia generally means gorging on food and throwing up immediately afterwards, but an exercise bulimic obsesses about burning off the calories all the time, explains an article in Esquire magazine. Like any other eating disorder, exercise bulimia has anxiety, depression or other mental health issues at its root. Toned bodies idealized by movies and magazines are also to blame, says Arnold Andersen, a leading researcher on eating disorders. For far too long bulimia has been considered an "unmasculine problem," which makes it harder for men to accept their excessive exercising is a problem, and seek professional help.

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