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Mumbai is India’s Most Expensive City

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According to Mercer's 23rd annual Cost of Living Survey, Mumbai - ranked 57 - is India's most expen - sive city for expatriates, inching closer to break into the top 50 most expensive cities in the world. New Delhi, ranked 99, has moved into the top 100 category, Chennai (135), Bangalore (166) and followed by Kolkata (184). Mumbai (57) is ranked higher and more expensive than cities like Auckland (61), Dallas and Paris (62), Canberra (71), Seattle (76) and Vienna (78). Overall, Indian cities have moved up the global ranking substantially, not just on account of internal factors, but additionally due to some cities falling in rankings, globally, on account of currency volatility especially in Egypt, Turkey, and United Kingdom.

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Jefferson’s White House Iftar in 1805

In the early days of December 1805, a handful of prominent politicians received formal invitations to join US president Thomas Jefferson for a White House dinner. The occasion was the presence of a Tunisian envoy to the United States, Sidi Soliman Mellimelli, who had arrived in the country just the week before, in the midst of the ongoing US conflict with what were then known as the Barbary States. And the reason for the dinner’s later-than-usual start was Mellimelli’s observance of Ramazan, a holy month for Muslims in which observers fast between dawn and dusk. Historians have cited the meal as the first time an Iftar took place in the White House. Meanwhile, critics on the far right have taken issue with the characterization of Jefferson’s December 9, 1805, dinner as an Iftar.

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German Teenagers Shoot at Thai King with Rubber Pellets

Thailand's king Maha Vajiralongkorn was targeted by two teenagers firing rubber pellets while he was cycling in southern Germany's Bavaria, said Thomas Steinkraus- Koch, a spokesman of the prosecution service in the town of Landshut on June 21. He was unable to say if the king was actually hit by one of the rubber pel - lets. But the spokesman added that the king's aides had already informed the prosecution service that he did not wish to press charges. King Maha Vajiralongkorn ascended the throne following the death of his father in October; owns several properties in Bavaria.

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Five Percent of World Population Recently Abused Drugs

About 5 percent of the world's population abused drugs at least once in recent years and nearly 30 million people could be dependent on narcotics to the point of needing treatment, according to a UN report released on June 22. The annual report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime also said the United States accounts for about 25 percent of drug-related deaths annually and death rates there continue to rise, reaching more than 52,000 in 2015. Of the almost 12 million people worldwide illegally injecting drugs, 1.6 million have HIV and 6.1 million are living with hepatitis C. Over 100 countries reported the emergence of 739 new psychoactive substances that change brain function and result in alterations in perception and mood between 2009 and 2016.

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London School of Economics Among Low-ranked UK Varsities

colleges, and alternative providers of education assessed, 59 were rated as gold, 116 silver, and 56 bronze, including LSE. A new official system that ranks UK universities according to their teaching quality has given the thumbs down to some of the most known centers of higher education – including London School of Economics (LSE). Also in the bronze category was the School of Oriental and African Studies, Liverpool, Southampton and Goldsmiths. The ancient universities of Oxford and Cambridge were given the gold rating.

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