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Equipment for Efficiency

Bangladesh has imported equipment worth BDT4.21 billion for the smooth running of city corporations and municipalities across the country

| Sharifunnaher |

City corporations and municipalities are soon to be equipped with new machinery worth BDT4.21 billion in order to conduct waste management, construction work, etc., more efficiently. The machinery, including hammers and bulldozers, are now being distributed among the 11 city corporations and 321 municipalities across the country. Over 500 people have received specialized training to operate these hi-tech machines.

Sources said that all the machinery has been imported from Belarus by RMM Integrated Agro Industries Limited. The organization has already stored all the imported machinery in their Narsingdi stockyard in order to assemble them properly. The Local Government Ministry has already taken the initiative to distribute the assembled machinery. All of the machinery will be distributed countrywide by June this year, said major (ret.) Farazee, the general manager of the distributing company. He said, “All the vehicles and machinery have been produced by Belarusian company Emdeco. As the local agent of the organization, RMM integrated Agro Industries Ltd is distributing them. Recently, the Local Government Ministry has officially okayed the distribution.”

A total of 1,395 equipment and machinery, including wheel loaders, log grapples, bulldozer blades, skid steer loaders, excavators, drills, hydraulic hammers, backhoe loaders, combination asphalt loaders, and twin drum vibratory loaders have been imported. Abdul Malek, the secretary of the Local Government Ministry, said, “The imported machinery will be used to construct, repair and preserve drains and roads in city corporations and municipalities. As a result, the pace of developmental activities and waste management will increase. City corporations and municipalities will be able to increase their income by renting out the equipment as well.” Joint secretary of the ministry, Mejbah Uddin, said, “Most of the municipalities in our country do not have adequate vehicles and machinery to provide proper construction and waste management services to the public. As a result, they have to rent equipment from the private sector, which costs a lot of money. Moreover, the quality and speed of service gets hampered by the substandard rented equipment.”

During prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s Belarus tour in 2012, a number of developmental deals were signed between the two governments. As per one of those deals, the Bangladesh government agreed to buy machinery and vehicles worth over BDT4.12 billion from Belarus.Out of that amount, the Belarus government is giving BDT3.36 billion as a loan, and the rest is being covered by the Bangladesh government.

A Local Government, Rural Development, and Cooperatives Ministry source said that, due to rapid urbanization, the need for expanding the streets, drains, and footpaths in all the city corporations and municipalities is increasing rapidly. Waste management has become absolutely essential to keep the environment of the cities clean and hygienic. Considering the urgency of the situation, the government took up the initiative to import machinery and equipment from Belarus. Project director Abul Bashar said, “The Belarus government is giving us machinery worth BDT 3.36 billion on credit. After three years, we will start paying the loan at only one percent interest rate. The entire loan will be repaid within 11 years. The imported goods are safely stored in the Narsingdi stockyard of the importing organization. After providing proper training to drivers, all the machinery will be handed over to the city corporations and municipalities.” Under the conditions of the agreement, the Belarus government is giving a 2-year warranty for all the imported goods. All the maintenance cost of the machinery during this period will be covered by the exporting organization. Once the warranty period expires, the exporting organization will supply necessary equipment and spare parts to the Bangladesh government at factory prices. It will also establish a service center in Dhaka.

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