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4.6 Million People are Not Unemployed in Spite of Being Jobless

| Navid Ahmed |

Despite being jobless, country’s 4.6 million people are not on the unemployed list because of the complex definition of the term “unemployed”. Both women and men are included in this 4.6 million estimate. According to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), they are not considered as unemployed. BBS is considering this 4.6 million as operational. If a person aged more than 15 is involved in economic activities even once a week for an hour, then that person is considered to be capable, according to the existing definition of International Labor Organization (ILO). If any person above 15 has not worked for even an hour and could not find any work in a month, that person is considered as unemployed.

Only 2.6 million people of the country are unemployed, according to the latest labor force survey of BBS. This information emerged in the survey of Bangladesh Bureau of Labor Statistics. Usually BBS conducts surveys using ILO’s definitions. The public organization pub- Periscope 4.6 Million People are Not Unemployed in Spite of Being Jobless lished the survey report on April 30. The current labor market is not ready to give 2.8 million people any work, according to BBS’s latest information. This large population has the ability to work and would have been involved with any kind of work if they could. But there are 2.8 million people, who did not work or search for jobs along with 1.8 million part-timers. Tuition, research work, survey work, etc., are interpreted as part-time jobs. According to the ILO’s definition, people of those two classes are not unemployed and are included in the labor force said BBS officials. In that context the number of unemployed are 4.6 million.

Joint director of BBS Industry and Labor Wing, Kabir Uddin, said, “Anyone who worked a minimum of one hour a week is not considered as unemployed in the survey.” It is said that there are 2.6 million unemployed who are more than 15 years old and had not worked for even an hour last week. But there are 2.8 million people who wanted to work or searched for a job last month but could not find work. There are 1.8 million more who worked part time, less than 40 hours a week. He informed that summing all of this up, the total number of unemployed reaches 7.2 million. He also informed that there are 100 million people with working ability. Of these, only 60.21 million are included in the labor market. Among them, 40.31 million are male and 10.91 million are female.

Secretary of Statistics and Information Management, Mozammel Haque, said, “Laborers in the villages are not available even after offering BDT500-600 per day. In such circumstances unemployment numbers should be even lower.” Additional secretary of the Department of Statistics and Information Management, Zakir Hossain, said, “I used to wonder how the number of unemployed could so low. But now I understand, since according to the ILO’s definition, people who work a minimum of one hour a week or can produce something for themselves are not considered unemployed.

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