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Flats for Government Employees in the Capital

| Sharifunnaher |

As public servants of all categories suffer from a serious crisis of residential accommodation, the government has taken a number of projects to construct 4,190 flats in the city for them. The Public Works Department of the Housing and Public Works Ministry is constructing the flats in various parts of the city. According to an official, a project has been launched at Azimpur Government Colony to construct six 20-storey buildings, where there will be 52 flats of 1000 square feet in two buildings and 304 flats of 800 square feet in four buildings. At Motijheel Government Colony, there will be 532 flats of 600 square feet in four 20-storey buildings. There will be 1,064 flats at Mirpur Section-6 in ten 20-storey buildings. Of the 10 buildings, five will have 1,500 square feet 532 flats while the rest of the buildings will have 1,250 square feet 532 flats. Another project has been taken to build 608 flats at Paikpara in Mirpur. There will be eight 20-storey buildings, where there will be 1,250 square feet flats in three buildings and 1,000 square feet in the remaining five buildings. There will be 456 flats in Malibagh area in four 20-storey buildings. Of the total flats, 228 will be of 800 square feet in two buildings, and 228 650 sqft in two buildings. At Aliganj in Narayanganj, the government has taken an initiative to construct eight 15-storey buildings having 672 flats. There will be 168 flats in two buildings of 1,250 square feet, 1,000 square feet, 800 square feet and 650 square feet. For the employees of the Public Works Department, a project has been undertaken to build four 13-storey buildings at Mirpur Section-6. There will be sixty-six 1,000 square feet flats in one building, 150 flats of 800 square feet in two buildings and seventy-two 650 square feet flats in one building. For senior secretaries, secretaries, and grade-1 employees of the government, there will be three 20-storey buildings at Eskaton having 114 flats. Every building will have thirty-eight 3,000 square feet, 3,470 square feet and 3,455 square feet flats in each building. Apart from these projects, the government has planned to construct 1,248 more flats in Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna for its employees. Another project has been undertaken to construct a residential building for ministers (Ministers’ Apartment-3) at Bailey Road in Dhaka. Under the project, there will be a 6-storey building, which will have 10 flats of 5,633 square feet each.

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