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Eighty Percent People in Bangladesh Now Get Electricity

| Sharifunnaher |

The country's power sector has showed a rapid growth in the rece nt years, with currently providing 80 percent of the country's tot al population access to electricity, according to official sources. The latest data of Power Division of the Ministry of Power, Ene rgy and Mineral Resources showed that the number of electricity custome rs rose to 24.90 million in 2017 from 10.80 million in 2009. Nearly 4.5 million households in remote areas across the countr y also got solar power system in the past few years. The 24.90 mi llion customers together with the 4.5 million home solar systems effe ctively made electricity available to 80.0 percent of the country's tot al population, said a Power Cell official. For providing more people with electricity, the power generation and supply authorities significantly i ncreased the generation, expanded distribution lines, and cut system los s, said the official.

The electricity generation capacity rose to 15,379MW this year from 4,942MW in 2009 when the per capita power generation surged to 407KWH from 220KWH. The distribution lines also expanded to 141 ,000 kilometers. The daily power generation hit the record high at 9 ,471MW on May 27, 2017, according to the director general of Power Cel l, Mohammad Hossain. He said the system loss during this period also declined to 13. 10 percent from 16.85 percent with effective monitoring. He said t he government set a target of generating 24,000MW power by 2021. T o achieve this goal, 34 power plants would come into operation fr om 2017 to 2021, adding 11,363MW to the national grid. The tender process has been initiated for another 34 power plants having a total c apacity of 4,917MW. These plants are expected to start operation from 2018 to 2023. The government has also a plan to construct 11 power plants wit h a total capacity of 6,415MW. Apart from increasing domestic gener ation capacity, the government would import more power from neighbori ng countries, Hossain added.

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