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Drug Peddling by Women on the Rise

| Sharifunnaher |

Involvement of women in drug peddling is increasing day by day as women can easily pass through checkpoints of law enforcers. Alongside men, a large number of women work as drug smugglers, dealers, and foot soldiers nowadays, according to the law enforcement bodies. According to the Department of Narcotics Control, more than 3,000 drug peddlers are active all over the country. Of them, around 300 drug peddlers are active in the capital. Law enforcement sources said at least 100 big drug peddlers of the capital are females. They control a major portion of drug market in the capital. “Although there is no official statistics about how many women are involved in drug trade, it is clear that the number of women drug peddlers are increasing gradually,” said an official of the Department of Narcotics Control (DNC). Law enforces nab many female drug peddlers round the year but they come out of jail easily. As women get bail easily, drug trades are more interested to do drug peddling through women, police officials said. When any woman is arrested, drug traders arrange everything for their release from jail. After coming out of jail, they again get involved in drug peddling. This is why, the number of women drug dealers is increasing.

Sources said that demand for drugs is increasing in the country. Side by side, the numbers of drug dealers has also increased. Due to strong network of drug smugglers, they easily take drugs from one place to another dodging the law enforcers. Another source said drug peddlers use women and children for supplying drug. They spend a large amount of money for carrying drugs. Women can physically carry more drug in terms of weight and value than men. Drug dealers use women as a shield to carry drug from one place to another. Sources said a major portion of women has become part of drug peddling because of their poor economic situation. Another sources said around 45 percent of drug dealers are unemployed. They get themselves involved in this illegal trade because they do not have any specific jobs. Md. Nazrul Islam Sikder, additional director (intelligence) of DNC, said, “It is very easy to smuggle drugs through women. A woman can easily utilize her appearance to pass through check posts. Although men remain behind the scene, women’s involvement in drug peddling is increasing.”

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