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Bangladesh’s First Digital Highway

| MAM Bulbul |

Bangladesh has been marching strongly towards its goals for a Digital Bangladesh to make a difference within the nation.

The highway between Banani and the capital’s airport will be the fi rst digital highway in Bangladesh. The road will be designed in such a way that once passengers are on the highway, mobile devices will gain access to wireless Internet automatically. Both sides of the road will be made much more scenic and visually pleasing, along with three monuments that will represent our country’s language movement, liberation war and our freedom fi ghters from 1952 to 1971. There will be water fountains and specialized walkways for pedestrians.

The road will consist of up to 10 passenger camps, each 250 feet long with facilities such as WiFi, ATMs, mobile phone recharge stations, washrooms and vending machines to cater to approximately 150 people. There will be a separate lane for bicycles and the road will have LED focus lights to improve its aesthetics and make it more glamorous. The road will also have water with space for pedestrian walkways. There will be playing zones for children specifi c to the Nikunja area. Sources from the Roads and Highway Department have stated that there will be two passenger camps near Radisson Hotel at Shewra and Khilkhet areas before the airport and two at the airport itself.

The digital highway, covering a distance of six kilometers from Banani to airport, will be sponsored by Binail World, who received the contract via an open tender. Approximately BDT750 million to BDT800 million will be spent on the project, which is estimated to be completed in six months.

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