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Uber Celebrates 180 Days in Dhaka

| Navid Ahmed |

Uber, the world's largest ondemand ride-sharing company, celebrated 180 days of service in Dhaka on May 23, by reiterating that the company’s strategic focus in 2017 will be to make every Uber ride in Dhaka a great experience for both riders and driver partners. Dhaka has emerged as one of the fastest growing market in Asia Pacific. “Dhaka suffers from some of the worst congestion in the world. There is an appetite for more options for reliable, efficient and affordable ways to get to and from work and move around Dhaka, especially on routes underserved by public transit. That’s where ridesharing comes into play. Smartphone apps like Uber can help to use today’s infrastructure, more efficiently at no extra cost. This enables more people to share their journeys and provides an affordable, convenient alternative to car ownership. I am grateful to the people of Dhaka - our riders and driver partners for making us a part of their lives,” said Arpit Mundra, General Manager, Uber Dhaka.

In order to further accelerate adoption of Uber and make every ride a shared ride, Uber is rolling out a slew of technology innovations aimed at making Uber even more reliable and convenient for riders; and effortless for driver partners in the city. These updates will address some of the common feedback from riders and driver-partners and are designed to further enhance the Uber experience.

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