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Educated Unemployment Remains at 2.6 Million

| MAM Bulbul |

According to the latest survey conducted by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the number of educated people who are unemployed in the country remained static at 2.6 million. The unemployment number remained the same at 2.6 million as in the previous labor survey of 2013 conducted by the official statistical agency. While revealing the latest unemployment figures unofficially at a workshop, BBS officials claimed that the figures remained the same as the intensity of unemployment came down from the previous survey. “The survey, however, was done complying with the existing workforce survey system of the International Labor Organization (ILO),” they also said, adding that the survey results will be officially published on April 30. The size of the country’s total workforce was found to be 106 million with the largest number of laborers falling in the agriculture sector. BBS officials said a section of agricultural laborers are shifting to the industrial sector, while some industrial workers are opting for the service sector. The figures left out people who work for at least one hour a day or are below 15 years of age. The unemployment figure will rise to 2.7 million if the people who want to work or tried to find a job at least once in a month are included in the estimation. The number of unemployed people, who work less than 40 hours in a week, was found to be 1.8 million by BBS. The unemployment number will soar to 7.1 million if such unemployment and pseudo-unemployment are taken into account. Statistics and Informatics Division (SID) secretary KM Mozammel Haq noted that the unemployment number should come down as there is a scarcity of workers even in rural areas. “Getting laborers in rural areas is a tough job even after paying BDT500 or BDT600 per day,” he said.

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