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20,000 Commit Suicide Every Year in Bangladesh

| Sharifunnaher |

The drug addicts are at high risk of suicide because they suffer from crisis due to intake of drugs in an uncontrolled way, including depression and indecision. Excess use of drugs, non-cooperation , suspicion from family members, and other mental problems also prompt them to commit suicide. Speakers said this at a briefing at Dhaka Ahsania Mission auditorium at Dhanmondi in the capital ci ty on June 29. Ahsania Mission Female Drug Treatment Center organized the conference marking the World Suicide Prevention Day-2015. Presi dent of Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) Kazi Rafiqul Alam, deputy directo r of DAM and internationally certified addiction councilor Iqbal Masu d, and eminent psychologist Akhtaruzzaman Selim, among others, spoke a t the program.

Citing a statistics of World Health Organization (WHO), the program was told that annually about 20,000 people on average resort to selfkilling in Bangladesh. Mentioning a report of a medical college hospital (2010), the speakers said that about 6.5 million people are now at the risk of suicide in Bangladesh. While presenting the keynote pap er, eminent psychologist Jannatul Ferdous said 90 percent of those com mitted suicide had more or less mental problem. The tendency to su icide increases when mental problems arise, she said, calling for tak ing steps to urgently prevent those problems. The tendency of suicide is more prevalent among the youths, aged 25-30. Drug addiction, poverty , family feud, torture, sickness, failure in love and examinations, sexual harassment, and unexpected pregnancy are responsible for the suicide, said Ferdous. The speakers said it is possible to check the increasing trend of selfkilling through change of outlook, fellow-feeling, sympathy, an d proper counseling. The affected people should get mental and other sup ports to prevent suicide. All concerned, including families and educa tional institutions, should come forward in this regard, they said. Th ey called upon all concerned, including the mass media, to raise awarenes s among people about suicide.

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