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500,000 People to be Given Skills Training to Eradicate Poverty

| Ava Tahsin |

The government has initiated a project to provide skills training and gainful employment to 500,000 people of poor families by 2020 to supplement the efforts of eliminating poverty in the country. Under the Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP), the people of the underprivileged group will be given training facilities to create skilled manpower, revealed a consultation workshop on Social Marketing Strategy of the SEIP. In the first phase of SEIP, a total of 260,000 people will be given training by December this year and at least 70 percent of them will be provided with gainful employments. At least 30 percent of the total trainees will be female. Officials of the SEIP project have said that around 100,000 people have already been provided with skills training since the inception of the program in July 2014. SEIP has developed a draft Social Marketing Strategy to help mobilize disadvantaged communities towards skills training and job placement. National project director of the SEIP, Jalal Ahmed said skills trainings are being provided through 34 government training institutes, 11 industry associations, PKSF and SME division of Bangladesh Bank.

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