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The Wealthiest White House in History

While it is no secret that Donald Trump is the richest president in American history, and possibly its first billionaire president, the new ten-weekold administration on March 31 released financial disclosure forms of more than 100 top officials showing what is arguably the wealthiest White House clan and coterie ever. Leading the pack (aside from the president himself) are billionaire cabinet members: education secretary Betsy DeVos, commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, and treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin. Within the Trump family itself, his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, both now unpaid employees of the Federal government, had combined assets exceeding USD700 million. Excluding Trump and the cabinet members, 27 White House officials had assets totaling nearly USD2.3 billion when they joined the administration, according to estimates as per the disclosure forms. The last US President who was possibly not a millionaire was Harry Truman, and among the poorest American Presidents was also among its greatest -- Abraham Lincoln.

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