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Women Get Love Bytes from Virtual Hunks

Japanese women now can have an affair, and she does not have to worry about getting caught. Her boyfriend exists only on a smartphone. The romance simulation games are enjoying a booming market in Japan that is winning the hearts of women looking for some unconventional loving. The game producer Cybirdhas created the popular series Ikemen - a Japanese term for handsome guys. The Ikemen app has been downloaded some 15 million times since its launch about five years ago. The company has also released an English version. The virtual romance games have ballooned into a market worth about USD132.24 million annually, according to the Tokyo-based Yano Research Institute. Many Japanese women do not see anything strange about flirting with their smartphone sweeties. Romance games are one of the culprits behind a trend that has seen some young Japanese lose interest in finding a real partner, according to a study last year.

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