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Funds Cut for Overseas Travel, Car Use, and Dining Out for Officials

The Chinese government has reduced the budget for officials heading overseas on work, holding receptions for dignitaries in the country, and using allotted vehicles for authorized tasks in its latest effort to strengthen the ongoing frugality campaign. In China, “overseas trips, vehicles, and receptions” are known as the “three public consumptions” and have long been three ways for officials to splurge sanctioned budgets. The purse strings for the three heads, however, are being tightened for 2017 as the Communist Party of China and president Xi Jinping prepare for the five-yearly party Congress later this year. The anti-corruption and frugality campaign has been Xi’s signature crusade since early 2013, soon after he took over as CPC general secretary. The antigraft rules included a ban on red-carpet receptions for officials and the use of public vehicles for private affairs, reduced meetings, recommended avoiding traffic disturbances such as road closures, and ordered austerity in official meals, travel, and housing.

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