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World's Tallest Building Delayed to 2019

The completion date for the world's tallest tower has been pushed back to 2019, said Saudi Arabian billionaire prince Alwaleed bin Talal on May 11, almost six years after launching the record-breaking project. Jeddah Tower is to rise more than a kilometer, placing it above Dubai's Burj Khalifa. Alwaleed first announced plans for the tower in August 2011, say ing it would take 36 months to build after the start of construction. By November 2014, a four-storey foundation was in place and Alwaleed said the building would be finished in 2018. But that was before the kingdom felt the full force of a drop in oil revenues. In November 2015, a financing deal was reached to finis h the Jeddah Tower, which then had 26 floors. Alwaleed rode a construc tion elevator about 30 floors to meet reporters in the concrete shell of the building, which already offers spectacular views over the rest of Jeddah and the adjacent sea.

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