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Study Says Sex Toys Safer Than Children's Toys

Fewer sex toys contain dangerous chemicals than children's toys, a Swedish inspection authority said in a report on January 23. In 2015, the agency found dangerous chemical substances, including lead, in 15 percent of children's toys in Sweden. The proportion of surveyed sex toys that contained banned chemicals was 2 percent, making these products safer than children's toys in terms of exposure to chemicals. Among the 44 products investigated, one plastic dildo was found to contain chlorinated paraffins, which is suspected of causing cancer, the Swedish Chemicals Agency said. Many kids toys are imported from Asia, making it more difficult to toughen demands over safety of the products. Three of the 44 examined sex toys, made of leather and bondage tape, contained phthalates, used as a plasticizer, at levels above 0.1 percent. Phthalates are on the EU list of chemicals that are of "very high concern". It can affect the hormonal balance and cause infertility.

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