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Fighter Pilots' Pay Increased by Up to 60 Percent

The Saudi cabinet announced a pay increase of up to 60 percent for air force pilots on April 3, state news agency SPA reported, as a military campaign led by the kingdom in neighboring Yemen entered its third year. Saudi Arabia and its mostly Gulf Arab allies have launched thousands of air strikes in an attempt to dislodge Yemen's armed Houthi movement from the capital Sanaa. The kingdom is also a member of the U.S.-led alliance against Islamic State in Syria. The cabinet amended laws pertaining to military officers, allowing air force pilots and weapons operators to receive a 35 percent increase on basic salary. The increase for officers flying fighter jets and operating their weapons systems will be 60 percent. No reason was given for the move, nor any indication of what their current salaries might be. Saudi Arabia has implemented some austerity measures to wean its citizens off decades of government largesse.

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