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Men are Taking Out ‘Groper Insurance’

In Japan, where train travel can often be a perilous ordeal for women, an insurance company is reporting a sudden run on a policy that protects men falsely accused of groping. The spike in takers for the 6,400-yen (USD57) “false groping accusation benefit” plan was triggered by a spate of incidents where men suspected of molesting female commuters fled the scene along the railway tracks. Japan has made efforts to tackle the problem of rush-hour sex pests with posters on trains and television campaigns. The plan, devised by the Small Amount and Short Term Insurance Company in 2015, covers legal costs for policyholders who find themselves on the wrong end of such a charge. It was initially set up as a fringe benefit under which fees for any legal consultation, including domestic or traffic accidents, were covered. Contracts for the policy has soared from 50 a month to several hundred in the past month.

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