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Court in Pakistan Orders National Breakup with Valentine’s Day

A high court in Pakistan's capital city had enough with Cupid, and ruled on February 13 to outlaw Valentine's Day celebrations and the promotion of the holiday nationwide with immediate effect. Just one day before the holiday, the court instructed all media outlets to “stop all Valentine's Day promotions immediately.” Valentine's Day is named after a Christian saint who, legend has it, was martyred in the name of love. For years, Valentine's Day has drawn protests from a constellation of religious organizations claiming Valentine's Day violates Islamic sensibilities and traditions. Pakistan is not alone. This year Iranian officials launched another crackdown on Valentine's Day to try to blunt its growing popularity among the young. Cities across Indonesia also have sided with Islamic protests to take a stand against the celebration. The ban in Pakistan had been spearheaded by a petition led by a mysterious figure named Abdul Waheed, whose official affiliation is unclear.

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