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New Strain of Hepatitis E in European Pork Infects Over 60,000 Annually

A new strain of hepatitis E (HEV), linked to pig farms in various European countries and dubbed the "Brexit virus", is infecting more than 60,000 people in Britain yearly. The Sunday Times quoted Exeter University gastroenterologist Harry Dalton, who told a conference on neurological infectious diseases that HEV had become "a major threat". The virus is reportedly found in meat from farms in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. It can be contracted by eating infected pork products. The symptoms of HEV are flu-like and include fever, nausea and tiredness, but can become more serious in rare cases. Those who are pregnant, elderly or have weakened immunity are particularly at risk. The Food Standards Agency said the virus had spread to most British pig herds with 93 percent of animals infected and 6 percent producing enough of the virus to infect humans. Reports say the new strain is believed to have infected 10 percent of sausages in Britain.

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