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Legal Recognition for Union Between Three Men

The union between Victor Hugo Prada, Manuel Bermudez and Alejandro Rodriguez, has been declared by local newspapers as the first three-way gay marriage in Colombia - perhaps in the world. Germán Rincon-Perfetti, the lawyer who drew up the document knew Colombian law allows marriage between two people. So, he had to come up with a new word: a special patrimonial union. Bermudez and Rodriguez have been together for 18 years and were the first gay male couple in Colombia to receive formal legal recognition of their partnership in 2000, 16 years before the country’s constitutional court legalized gay marriage. During eight of those years they had a three-way relationship that included Alex Esneider Zabala. Four years ago, Prada joined the polyamorous relationship. The four of them had planned a ceremony to celebrate their union. But when Zabala died three years ago after being diagnosed with stomach cancer, Prada, Bermudez and Rodriguez sought to formalize their relationship through legal means.

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